“Exclusive” micro letter friends advertising rules exposure

hunting cloud network news on January 21,

test micro letter friends advertising sparked intense attention, this is also the expression for download after the advertising and the public, micro letter in one of the biggest commercial road attempt, and the yield is higher than the former.

in fact, as early as six months ago, micro letter by the public in wide through advertising, a hunting cloud to learn the both parties in communication to introduce information flow (Feed) advertising matters, that is widely in tencent worldwide partner conference in click-through confirmed head part. At present, the information flow advertising got good feedback in the QQ space. Now grafted WeChat circle of friends is also understandable.

at present, micro letter online friends also is not the real business advertising content. However, people familiar with the matter to the cloud network exclusive hunting revealed WeChat rules about push advertising circle of friends.

a, currently only accept international brands such as porsche, golf, coke, this kind of international brands, unilever and strict review. The content of the advertisement.

2, cooperation, the threshold to 5 million. Without directional any condition or hair, can reach more than 200 million accounts a day, for price of 40 yuan/CPM, is nearly 9 million investment in a day.

three orientation, core city such as Beijing (specific city list hasn’t come out), the price is RMB 140/CPM, can be forwarded to add 20%.

4, directional condition contains only temporarily region, operating system, Internet, education and age, each additional conditions have to charge, the price of the specific file has not yet come out.

number five, advertising is a circle of friends advertisers public form.

these rules, at present has not yet been WeChat official confirmation.