“Exclusive” micro constant MEM: can DIY enterprise mobile education products has won 2 million angels

(text/xiao-wei Yang)

micro constant MEM is a education tools products. Hunting cloud network learned that micro constant MEM) product development is completed, officially launched in December 2014, as in the middle of may, 2015, there have been six cooperation school, nearly 400000 contract revenue, intention to school more than 20.

micro constant at the end of 2013. 2013 angels, is currently in contact with many VC companies negotiate the Pre – A round of funding.

the current online education market development prospect is good, more and more schools and training institutions needed a mobile APP teaching auxiliary face-to-face courses, improve student learning. More is personal products on the market, products that meet the individual needs of enterprises.

micro constant MEM designed for enterprises and school market services, solve pure outsourcing project can’t production, pure SAAS products can’t solve the problem of customized requirements, the product function module, independently by the school based on the current development needs the function of the combined need to present themselves, to choose color, template, etc, automatic packaging generated IOS and android native APP, and generating all parameters can be adjusted at any time, joining together into their school school of APP. The

students can through the constant MEM to view class schedule to find information, communicate with the teacher individual communication, teaching video, do homework, review, etc., the constant student also increased the examination system, the background can collect students situation to solve the problem and will feedback the data to the teacher and the management. And in addition to have all the background information data management edition also has the functions such as clock in attendance, effective teachers will spare time reasonable use, imperceptibly easily perform everyday multifarious management.

Micro constant MEM

there are two kinds of charging modes: one is the platform version, namely according to the account fee, RMB 68/per account; 2 it is deployed, 88000=private cloud deployment version of the price, the mode of enterprise data collection will be done in its own background. Founder Steve mather tell hunting cloud network, with the development of the company and the increase of cash flow, will slowly discard after deployment version of the way to charge.

as we have learned, the constant founding team, since its establishment in 2013 the beginning seven people, now development to more than 20 people. Founder Steve mather, have many years of experience in marketing and management team, a co-founder of the, second startup, there are large enterprise development project management + education training experience, as apple AATC training lecturer.