“Exclusive” menu tools + food community, sweet ha recipe combines A wheel

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sweet ha recipe founder Tian Jintao told cloud network exclusive hunting, this year 1 completed in A rounds of financing, financing amount temporarily not disclosed. The financing to the market, focus on marketing and brand promotion.

sweet ha network was founded in 2011, 12 years began to transition to do recipes. App beta in 14 years in February, two months after the formal version online. He graduated from huazhong university of science and technology, the founder and CEO Tian Jintao, who have served in renren and sogou. Co-founder and COO koshi, graduated from Beijing university, a former indiscretions an former COO, has 10 years of experience in web data mining. Core team personnel from sohu, renren, etc., now the team less than 30 people.

vertical social mobile food ready. In November last year, completed a $2500 C round of financing, in addition, the good kitchen network, such as kitchen recipe class App also has a certain customer base. Nevertheless, Tian Jintao said in an interview with the hunting cloud network “even though there have been many recipes before class App, but still want to try, believe there is a lot to improve.”

sweet ha cookbook recipes is a free application, try to be reduced its UI design. In content, with 300000 high-quality recipes, ingredients, specialty snacks, etc.; Besides eating recipes and sweet ha phase grams, special effects but also increase the food, cosmetic, such as plate, derivative characteristic content, and other recipe App form differentiation.

for App, cultivating stickiness is failing, however sweet ha recipes to develop user viscous circle is based on its food, food circle functions in 13 years. “Sweet ha recipes for 40% of the users, on the premise of zero promotion, at the beginning of 15 users reached more than 100, sweet ha recipes with 360, sogou, baidu cooperation has accumulated extensive user base, such as at the end of the 13 years users reached 200000.” Tian Jintao tell hunting cloud network.

in food circle plate, in order to keep the food and the integrity of the recipe, to strict examination system of incense, and carefully to identify users to upload photos of the watermark. Backend system monitoring, data update in time, push the message in time according to the user preferences. In order to highlight the authenticity of food, incense, the menu is not add filter function.

the fragrance, the product shape have App, micro letter three public accounts and Web end. Users locate 70% are mothers, and the coastal cities, the more learned, incense, will do a niche for white-collar workers.

in the prophase, sweet ha recipe focused on polishing products, improve the information content, sweet ha recipe after more than two years of precipitation, with brand promotion in this year. To hunt for the future development plans, Tian Jintao cloud network, said: “sweet ha recipes will depth excavation user demand, focus on doing recipes, sweet now, the menu is the menu tool + food circle two functions, but the focus of the development or the menu tool.” Sweet ha recipe is perfect function in the new version will also with the function of the location marked.

for future development to explore, to hunt Tian Jintao cloud network, said: “sweet at the end of this year, the menu will build the business framework, including derivatives to offline, establish the platform chef, O2O involved new sale mode and the function such as live video voice.”

profit model, sweet ha recipe of its revenue from PC, baidu, taobao, sogou adsense advertisers, such as the main advertising user for 20-40 years old female, mainly for shopping, weight loss, domestic advertising type. After the mobile terminal commercial building in continues to explore,