Exclusive: maternal and infant electric wheat tesco won $50 million B round of funding

On May 8,


there are investors to cloud network exclusive hunting, maternal and child electricity wheat tesco has completed $50 million B round of funding, from capital led, Vipshop with pitch. Ling ling from capital partners then confirmed the news to hunt cloud network.

wheat tesco is a global trade company. Through the cooperation with international famous brands, via the Internet to provide global consumers with exclusive discount price fashion boutique and maternal and infant supplies, the company claimed that ensure all goods for the real thing. In December 2006, officially entered the Chinese market, for the Chinese mainland from mother to child users with inexpensive goods and imported goods overseas.

at the beginning of this year, tesco founder jack ma told the media, said Michael tesco month sales in millions of level, and maintain sustained growth, monthly main categories including infant milk powder, infants and young children see, maternal supplies, nutrition, and family life. Now, tesco has about 1 million registered users, active users is not much, but the user viscosity is higher, the unit price is in 1000 yuan of above. In addition to direct mail abroad, mainly adopt the mode of cooperation with the bonded area to solve the problem of cross-border logistics.

in the near future, tesco has enabled the world’s top short domain name gou.com.

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network said that “tao sea” startup financing war is just beginning.