“Exclusive” laundry O2O dry cleaning guest received millions of dollars to the Pre – A round of funding

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today, laundry O2O dry cleaning guest CEO ocean told cloud network exclusive hunting has received millions of dollars in the Pre – A round of funding, and investors for Singapore’s capital, because the money is not yet fully in place is not convenient revealed details.

for laundry O2O, laundry, take quality to send, the price become the user use pain points, is also a leading cause of its market scale is difficult to expand. So how can dry cleaning guest before they can get A round of tens of millions of dollars of investment, and how it will be A spoiler today laundry O2O industry pattern, hunting cloud network has carried on the interview to dry cleaning guest CEO oceans.

F2C mode to avoid platform too little likely to die

dry cleaning guest is established in Shanghai in July 2013, restructuring in December 2014, spent tens of millions of set the washing factory. Now includes terminal logistics staff team a total of about 500 people. Among them, the factory side about 100 people, the Internet perform 50 people, the rest of the end for logistics personnel.

than the others on the market at present laundry O2O platform, only do the laundry outsourcing mode, dry cleaning guest use F2C self-built factory (factory direct user) model, dry cleaning guest in Shanghai has covers an area of more than twenty thousand flat central washing factory. Is the sea view, outsourcing is impossible to ensure the quality, been platform is easy to die.

the sea to hunt cloud network, said for laundry O2O quality is the core of the problem. Will wash clothes sent to a third party, the quality is not controllable, complaints will be very high. Therefore, each clothes dry cleaning will be on its own factory and washing process, strictly grasp the quality problem of the washing.

of course, there are a lot of people question of model of self-built factory will affect the development speed, the ocean does not agree with you. Laundry, he thought, the quality is the key of the development of laundry O2O rapidly, and the self-built factory doesn’t think it is big to the world.

dry cleaning guest currently operating in Shanghai, only plan in June began to enter the Beijing market. Oceans, according to enter the Beijing market will take hire local factories, to copy the Shanghai mode translation means, “so that the cost will reduce a lot.”

the graph is the washing dry cleaning guest Shanghai factory

incomplete crowdsourcing model to solve the logistics distribution problems

the back-end self-built factory can solve the problem of laundry quality not guaranteed, so in terms of logistics distribution of dry cleaning guest chose the incomplete crowdsourcing model, idle workers gathered inside the community.

dry cleaning guest to plot area classification for the unit, each district has a district administrator, is responsible for the overall communication delivery time and so on. On the application scenario, dry cleaning were adopted from door and user self-service pick up service. If the user select from door services after order, will have a plot to charge the personnel door, transported to the factory, 48 hours after washing again to the user. If the user choose self-help can send pick up service is going to wash the items send out to the service of the dry cleaning guest cooperation area around the site, then transported by the logistics personnel to washing factory. For the urgent thing does not take part sent to take the situation by themselves a district administrator.

dry cleaning of the entire application scenarios to form a closed loop, not only set idle labor, the community also enable them to earn money. Ocean think end take send link to take timely and need someone to participate in, in the more important is to take to send money.

cost + standardization, dry cleaning guest into the era of laundry 8 yuan

the cost of the laundry is not high but very expensive impression, this is very unreasonable, therefore, dry cleaning guest unified pricing in terms of price, each dress uniform is 8 yuan. Oceans, laundry industry gross margin is above 75%, dry cleaning guest have own washing factory, avoid the joining mode of profit sharing, price nature is lower cost.

is the sea view, laundry o2o, unlike other door-to-door service, “the other door-to-door service object is a person, and the object of the laundry is items, test the ability to laundry technology and machine, so can be standardized.”

in November 2014, rongchang e bag wash announced from matrix partners and SIG of more than $2000 in A round of investment. Almost at the same time, teddy washing announced grade don $B round of funding. While recently Meituan, jingdong, public comments also subsequently announced that involves the home business, on-site laundry price war is inevitable.

in the face of the inevitable price war, sea said user’s consumption habits to develop gradually, dry cleaning guest laundry is not compete on price 8 yuan, only without the huge profit. In addition, the ocean does not agree with burning money do users, he thinks that burn out is false demand.

in the interview in the end, the sea also revealed that the dry cleaning guest will do some category extension to increase profit points, such as washing shoes, curtain, carpet, etc. And dry cleaning guest in the terminal logistics, luxury goods, domestic O2O etc are cut, eventually form a complete set of ecological chain.