Exclusive: intelligent weighing luggage donkey walker 2 million angels

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today, intelligent weighing luggage brand “donkey walkers” founder and CEO of high feather to hunt cloud network exclusive revealed that at the beginning of the project was launched in August last year, for a number of individual investors angel round of funding of 2 million yuan, including takahane tutor ChenZhenYu where Dr Wen-hua shi, vice President, director sun bo, Beijing Cree hai-yan huang founder da trade co., LTD., etc.

the world so big, I want to see. How much luggage is so small, what hold? Donkey traveler so you know how much important items with you far away. For hunting cloud network editor you don’t travel frequently, may feel this suitcase to bring convenience, as the name of the intelligence of the luggage has been set, the future road can walk far again, with these question hunters interviewed “donkey walkers” founder takahane cloud network.

original product runs through each link, intelligent weighing the micro innovation into

takahane is Beijing university the student of 2, select smart suitcase this project, not blindly follow suit “intelligent” all things, but if it is to “love to travel” this is absolutely not the wrong standard answer to answer, also let a person feel not sincere. Takahane convective cloud network, frequent travel, baggage is inevitable, overweight part need to pay extra. And usually, a luggage overweight, another is some “water” ultra high, do not want to be at the airport take two suitcases adjusting back and forth.

takahane convective cloud network admitted that the core of the original product is weighing function, in the face of hunting cloud network whether the requirement of high frequency, pain points, he is also the truth, whether to measure high frequency low frequency, related to the crowd, such as Beijing university business school, after graduation to the big four auditing and consultancy work is more, travel frequency is very high, now under the background of big business industry, travel frequency is not low. In addition, do the product the intuitive sense that gives a person is smart in weighing in hand, it is a small innovation, but for our team, product research, design, looking for raw materials suppliers, contract, each is a quite important link, is committed to make high quality travel companion. Eventually intelligent weighing that micro innovation into the luggage industry, can also be understood as to run through each link with original products.

this little trip, small brands also have big feelings

despite the intelligent part of the product in the design is beautiful, and without using the design of the zipper in the middle, but without the zipper of aluminum alloy frame, high technical requirements, the corresponding texture has also improved. In addition, the processing link, chose the best quality in the three bags base of guangdong dongguan.

cloud network hunting scene feeling about the luggage, boarding standard size, bright color, to the taste of young people, is lighter in weight. Seem to see the cloud network doubts, hunting takahane explains: “light weight does not mean poor quality, general adult stepping up is also no problem.” To scrutinize weighing this function, will find that there are four patterns is adjustable, grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds respectively.

this product through taobao and micro letter public foreign sales. In addition, also and drabs, fast, telecommunications integration platform, such as flow platform for cooperation, launch points for activities. College entrance examination is over, also already started to university graduation season, therefore, to the identity of the students consider suitcases, derived from the “custom”, and the original price 799 yuan of products is also in the graduation season with 499 yuan discount promotion efforts, in addition, you can also customize your logo, message, such as youth memorial banner, personality labels, etc.

the second generation product join intelligent protection, trip forgetful is the biggest pain points

if weighing is low frequency, easily neglected details, so forgetful is traveling. To this, “the donkey walkers” in the second generation product with bluetooth locking and positioning, the corresponding App has been in the development, product also to open mould, is expected in early July or middle of jingdong the raise. Bluetooth can be locked automatically, lock automatically open within 10 meters, beyond distance automatic padlock. Considering the user habit, in addition to the automatic lock also can manual control. Positioning is to use interface, similar to the radar scanning to achieve short positioning, beyond distance will automatically alarm, for mobile phone vibration, etc. Prevent lost the event, of course, also including the luggage items lost, so the item count function is also a problem in the future.

financing also has a small story, just to present product shape, not win the favor of investment institutions and investors, but seeing the foreign Bluesmart has the raise up to $20 million. In comparison, the “donkey walkers” quality, function, and the price have advantage, and learn about the products of subsequent iteration plan (with luggage, will be transplanted into the backpack, handbag, wallet, etc.), after investors that are full of confidence, and decided to invest in.

in addition, plus and mentor as a consultant, give advice; There is also a senior, customer complaint. At present, the project is in orderly.