Exclusive: household flash sales “beauty” meow household millions of angel investment


household flash sales “beauty” meow household xiao-jia li to hunt, founder of the cloud network exclusive, the company has completed hundreds of millions of angels. Beautiful meow household claims is the first domestic optimizing sale shopping at home.

is known as the electricity first “ghost shares” of the product will be, from clothing sale in 2011, the rapid growth of market value of $17 billion, the world’s largest flash sales platform. Vipshop success that flash sales sale perfectly adapted to the Chinese market.

if bud launched in February 2014, honey baby, and April online sales beibei, are like the wind on consumption upgrade, with flash purchase sale successfully into the maternal and infant industry. Launched in March 2015 “the beautiful meow” sale, is aimed at the consumer to upgrade the next station: household.

household is typical of the long tail market, brand concentration degree is low, overcapacity. Home textile, home furnishings, home snacks after purchase rate and the unit price is not low. At present domestic haven’t appeared yet household vertical sale website, for electricity field, is a rare blue ocean.

Internet thinking, understand household retail, strong execution, is beautiful meow household team. Founder xiao-jia li graduated from Beijing university. After graduating from college, he entered the largest household retail enterprises in China. Four years later, work xiao-jia li saw the huge opportunity of household and Internet integration, established the beautiful meow household decisively to resign. “I am familiar with household industry and familiar with the Internet and electronic business, do the vertical one.” Xiao-jia li convective cloud network said.

beautiful meow home team assembled at Peking University, fudan, jiaotong university graduates. Brand director and director of operations are large companies experience high-energy women, technical director was in big office and new eggs.

the core of vertical electrical contractor is selected goods, deep consumption habits and the user experience and make prices more transparent. Onekingslane, Zulily and vertical electrical business success in the United States, all thanks to this. The Internet in China, the traditional furniture industry to understand the people is very scarce, accumulation of both industry and Internet thinking beautiful meow home team, is worth looking forward to.

beautiful meow household APP, WAP and website has been in mid-march, team, according to the current offer is more than 2000 single peak, monovalent 100 yuan of above. Get millions of angel investment in early 2015.

beautiful meow household has officially launched the pre – A round of funding, the goal of the next six months is 10000/day.

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