“Exclusive” female intelligence software and hardware brand of cassava, angel investment has completed ten million yuan

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cassava co-founder wang li told cloud network exclusive hunting, cassava was 2015 in 1 month completed by PBA the angel investment round of funding, amount of 1000 thousands of yuan, the next will be A round of funding.

simple introduce the PBA here, it is domestic parity brand cosmetics, as early as in 2013 completed the jun lian capital investment (CAI), lung is 50 million yuan RMB A round of investment, and consumers have amassed more than 700 members.

cassava is the PBA internal incubation project , founded in January 1, 2015, issued on February 1, the hardware of cassava in the first paragraph of the products, and announced that intelligent hardware to cassava. Cassava founding team from the PBA, by the chairman of PBA Su Guijiang, deputy general manager of the PBA aims, PBA brand director li wang co-founded, at present, the team has more than 30 members, mainly technical engineers.

the PBA in both content and in terms of user groups are already relatively perfect, but decided to start a cassava, does not depend on the PBA. When we asked about reason, hunting is li wang replied: “in fact brand positioning, customers will change too. PBA and cassava is different from the brand product, the PBA focus and affordable cosmetics, and cassava, focusing on the hardware. Cassava beauty makeup APP willing to rebuilding the user, launched a month on the premise of no paid promotion, relying on word of mouth spread, has 50000 users .”

cassava is intelligent software and hardware technology brands for women. Through the makeup of software and beauty as the core of the intelligent hardware, goddaughter sexology make-up, and analyze the collected data, contrast, purchase plan for a product, care to remind and health advice.

set-up good, cassava is now clearer is hardware products, has introduced a 2 smart hardware: moisture detector and the balance of body fat. 2015 will continuously introduce beauty equipment, such as cleansing instrument, steamed face of instrument and so on. Wang li said in an interview with hunting cloud network “beauty equipment market space is large, it is also a way of cassava to obtain cash flow. But the focus of cassava or smart hardware of data value.”

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body fat scales, the authors have to mention the millet, electronic said of cassava electronic said with millet in both price and electronic scale on, material parameters, the resolution. Millet is the difference is the scale, and cassava prefer to health scale, can be a lot of data of human body, such as fat rate, basal metabolism and so on.

in addition to the intelligent hardware, cassava, beauty makeup app to another location is beauty makeup polymerization video platform. special operations personnel to hold video, filtered in the content, quality, etc. Besides attractive content, video images of clarity, dressing technique and each step is also the audit standard, each video in 3 to 7 minutes long.

cassava with matcha beauty makeup that open in the mode are different. Cassava platforms in talent is micro star, to ensure the video content and quality. It is understood that cassava is now signing talent more than 20, is still in contact with more than 50 people. Platform is at the start-up stage, less video quality, active degree is not high question is objective existence.

in order to cultivate talent work enthusiasm, cassava to set up a red envelope exceptional talent mechanism, let’s got talent, to encourage talent make better beauty makeup tutorial video, the more good tutorial, exceptional received a red envelope.

wang told lee hunt cloud network, “the core competitiveness of cassava is its reward mechanism, it is not just simply a question of money, but rather a recognition. Beauty makeup talent is also a craftsman, the identity is very important. In addition, the platform will not regularly launch of incentives, such as material object reward, offline party.”

cassava is focused on female users of mobile Internet technology company. Founder Su Guijiang is China’s beauty industry veteran, 19, from scratch, create chain company at the age of 25, franchisees to reach more than 500 of the country. Team is currently the main beauty makeup APP, in advance, so is the hardware products. Intelligent hardware is the most important thing is to collect data, cassava is next with beauty as the core to develop hardware products, forming a small but complete ecosystem.