“Exclusive” driver’s license can also play personal customization, driving exam grade do A round of funding

(text/He Yuying)

today, driving test group founder Xie Yongpeng to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the driving test group in June 6, 2014, angel investment, February 2, 2015 grade do A round of funding. Team is developing rapidly at present, is expected to team size break through 100 at the end of April, 2015, 2015 a month the development goal of 2000 new students.

according to the development of Chinese road transport report data, by the end of 2012, the national total of 10347 pilot training institutions, coaches, coaches, 377000 and 377000. In the same year, the national total nt 2228 person-times of motor vehicle driver training, a growth of 14% in 2011, with the rapid growth of the national civil car ownership. Have agency predicted in 2017, the number of motor vehicle driving in China will reach 395 million people, as many of driving training market for the big piece of cake.

driving test group founder Xie Yongpeng tell hunting cloud network, on May 28, 2014, he and his friend spent 48 hours quickly locked the driving training industry as business target market at this time, the reason is very simple. “The first is the market big enough, the second is complain enough.” Driving test group formally launched in September, as a traditional no driving experience pure Internet team, the development route of Xie Yongpeng think they must start from the user.

“chengdu area there are a lot of driving training service, we are not the first to enter the industry, but from the current market size and momentum of development, we should be one of the fastest growing.” Xie Yongpeng to hunt cloud network is introduced, at the beginning of the product launch in September 2014, they found that the driving training market is not so simple as you originally imagined. When driving on mass of the other competitors in industries is given priority to with coupon, at low prices to win customers. But soon found that such model is a simple easy to operate, but did not improve the service quality and customer size is difficult to expand.

after half a year period of setback, driving on the relocation of their products, abandon the traditional mode of group purchase, back to the client and service. Build the professional consulting team and customer service team, all demands of customers to give timely feedback and help. In addition to the price clearly do not collect fees in disorder and the teaching quality guarantee industry such as basic quality, driving test of bright spot is that every student can enjoy private custom.

Xie Yongpeng think that a driver’s license to every students have different demands, “for example, consider most university students overall level and some white-collar employees will pay more attention to service experience, each student is special in the driving test group eyes, is not only a group-buying can solve the problem.” Xie Yongpeng tell hunting cloud network, driving test group website that seemingly simple training package list, is the whole team with more than half a year of time to complete. Each package price comprehensive consideration the students demands and the status quo of driving training market, in order to give users the best service experience.

when it comes to how to ensure quality of students’ learning, Xie Yongpeng think should do more than. Training products on quality assurance are congenitally deficient, users can’t experience ahead of time, all the pre-sale guarantee appear pale. Driving test group for each student 10 pages of contract, safeguard the rights and interests of students. “From product launch to now, we only received one or two customer complaints, complaints reason is not in money, largely thanks to our industry the thickest contract.”

in addition to the customer, the coaches and driving test of another focus. In order to improve the teaching quality of the coaches, driving test when receiving coaches for evaluation, and puts forward the teaching plan for coaches to arrange teaching courses. Driving training market chaos there is already a long time, Xie Yongpeng think that improve the quality of the coaches, ensuring the qualified coaches treatment level to a certain extent, can alleviate the present situation of the driving training industry to collect fees in disorder, can also give students a good learning experience.

Internet companies in driving training industry is already a few years ago, such a tempting cake front, all kinds of profit model contend in beauty doo-yan. But traditional driving training institutions number is still rising, there is no denying the fact that on the resources and experience, there is a big advantage, traditional institutions such as driving test group industry newcomers in the battle for market share is still a long way to go.