Exclusive: college students part-time tens of millions of financing platform for students to help

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today, is committed to be the most of college students part-time practice platform for students to help the CEO YanHaiFeng told hunting cloud network exclusive, so far the company has received two strategic investment of listed companies, the Pre – A round sum amounting to tens of millions of yuan. The students help has covered hundred university, nanjing, hangzhou accumulative total number 120000, active rate of 60%.

part-time at the university of today’s hottest. Find a suitable part-time job, on the one hand, alleviate their economic burden, on the other hand also accumulate work experience. But the current college students’ part-time job market is not mature and perfect, healthy and orderly environment of part-time is not yet mature.

a college students part-time is difficult. College students to get part-time less information channels and intermediary only play the role of providing information, the vast majority of mediation because revenue channels of a single, so to charge students intermediary or withhold student’s salary as the main business income of labor, student cheated situation, college students’ rights and interests cannot be effectively maintained.

the other is the merchants recruitment risk. The vast majority of temporary work part-time are periodic, there is a period of employment is not fixed, labor demand cannot be accurately forecast, and so on and so forth. In the background, the merchants of post is not synchronized in time to the part-time students, part-time recruiting difficulties caused; , on the other hand, the traditional intermediary services more primary information intermediary services, it is difficult to form constraints, integrity of student’s work as a result, the students the stability of the temporary work by bigger challenges, merchants costly heart is short of temporary employment expectations .

YanHaiFeng tell hunting cloud network, in the final analysis, the all the part-time students and labor is the cause of large information asymmetry between stores. Students help to set up a business with students part-time internship between information and service platform, part-time internship recruitment merchants and have intention to eliminate the students’ information flow . Posted on businesses to help the students part-time internship requirements, nature will platform according to the position of labor and labor time matching students part-time internship matching willingness and idle time, push the students help APP or micro letter in platform application for registration, results announcement, part-time job and mount guard after the post evaluation, realize the closed loop of the part-time internship process.

classmates help target is committed to become the most of college students’ part-time internship platform, classmates help part-time internship services all free to the student, all jobs have development commissioner to provide one-on-one job guarantee reliability, and ensure that merchants straight, dispute resolution and provide all the post, if there is a dishonest merchant’s salary is lower, and so on and so forth, once verify the classmates help for first pay security. Post jobs on the classmate to help businesses field certification requires students to help employees, part-time students comment on open and transparent to the businessman at the same time, provide reference to other part-time users information . In addition, the classmate help each week also provide part-time subsidy, a “you make me fill”; The new version also post recommendation for students, offering private custom services.

in terms of business, students help to provide a complete set of service experience. Businessmen post jobs on help, help will provide dedicated customer service commissioner, considerate service; Part-time activity, students will help to supervision, supervise the students arrive and performance, and make a platform credit evaluation; Settlement link, please help to provide full support.

now part-time there are,,, and other products on the market. Part-time cat is located in guangzhou, is a part-time internship information aggregation platform, similar to the 58 city and market information platform works such as classification, businessmen post jobs information, part-time cat provides telephone verification, not completely effective and reliable to ensure that the job itself. is different from the one meter part-time and the platform to run a part-time students help pay more attention to through the deeper involvement of the recruitment process, enhance the cooperation merchant enroll in jobs and reduce the unit cost.

YanHaiFeng tell hunting cloud network, students help core competitiveness lies in the school practice practice of establishment and improvement of the talent pool, the user for accurate mass merchants push part-time internship students. For part-time experience of users and students who intend to have a part-time job, through part-time site, online registration and other channels of information, information form multi-dimensional collection and management. Talent pool has a base, fast matching and positioning must wait for a characteristic, can help enterprises to quickly find the corresponding talent, part-time market fast matching, users and businesses on help platform to complete the transfer. Merchants of hope is the cost as low as possible, to obtain the most accurate user.

the classmate help talent pool is over 50000, classmates help CEO YanHaiFeng said, “this is of great significance to the development of the company, we will be of great value to the effort to build a foundation students practice talents database, better serve part-time internship market.” So far, the classmate help already had more than 20000 merchants post jobs on the platform, more than 50000 students get part-time internship opportunities.

if the service is students’ a sword, and help the community shield is help for college students.

classmates help “resolve the growth of the campus lost” when a key, also exchange community platform for college students to grow, “part-time life”, “internship diary” section asked the students to speak freely and communicate part-time internship topic; Where “graduate” plate, make the workplace “survivor” zero distance to help students to solve the problem of graduation whereabouts; “HR” face to face at the same time through online and offline “teacher lecture hall” series of activities to cooperate with each other, make independent growth education brand. Help combining online and offline activities, pay attention to user experience, practice and the experience of the online transfer through offline omni-directional service for the growth of college students.

launched in September 2014, the classmate help APP with micro letter, Web platform all get through, so far the company has received two listed companies of strategic investment, financing amount up to tens of millions of yuan. At present, the students help cover has up to hundred university, nanjing, hangzhou accumulative total number 120000, active rate of 60%. It is understood that students will help this year in wuhan, xi ‘an and other cities in China.

recently, students help is also trying to complete service closed-loop, businessmen money award platform, the platform will be after completion of the college students’ part-time, merchants will put the money paid to click confirm platform part-time college students.

why do students help? Campus life services is very hot, the classmate help CEO YanHaiFeng says, “nearly 30 million college students, the life in the wall, there is a huge demand for services in the field of life more implementation gap, although our society has stepped into the information service age for many years, the development of the mobile Internet is also in full swing, the but in the field of college students’ employment growth practice, but still with information asymmetry in the sustained development of niche, severely restricted the students opportunities to practice and practice significance of normal cognition. If you can give the students a healthy practice environment, auxiliary to they are more likely to touch society, the social cognition, will be huge in their career, entrepreneurial cognitive play a role. , on the other hand, with the continuous change of the structure of social economy, the enterprise for optimizing cost and accurate selection of the new talented person’s demand, temporary employment and internship recruitment requirements gradually expanding. If it can be both good docking, enhance job matching efficiency, in the process of students’ practice, gradually build the students’ practical ability system, students and enterprise credit system, two-way practice will be significant.”

classmates help CEO YanHaiFeng letter had done stranger social products, floating letter is the first batch of android applications, earlier than street network of the same type. At the time, and “oh BaBa” and said “nanjing APP pair”, is very famous in nanjing mobile Internet business circles. WeChat and meters to chat at that time were not born, in 2010 year, gone with the wind letter has developed 1 million users, and occupy a android APP market for eight months social application downloads in the first place.