“Exclusive” Chinese daily Pre – A financing 8 million, foreign student edition “douban + public comments on”

(article/who 闫森)


today, take you in yue founder ren Qin Bin told cloud network exclusive hunting, you zi yue from the middle capital led, the Vatican’s capital with the 8 million Pre – A round of investment, mobile app will be launched at the end of the month. You zi yue is also hunting cloud network docking platform for investment on the project.

you zi yue ideal is hope the user can through the eyes of students, make the user’s private custom study circle.

founder ren Qin Bin tell hunting cloud network, the team also expanded from previous 4, 5 people. The current Chinese 50000 registered users, 5000 active users. Version 2.0 has just launched before the tomb-sweeping day, the day has 3000 registered users. Wandering after the edition correction, more community social attributes.

group plate type of douban, Qin Bin hope to be able to run up a class for foreign students “douban group”, in addition to the study abroad consulting, and social life can stay in the platform. Online at the end of the part the APP more partial social attribute, social attribute of the product is a class content. Earlier you zi yue is the concept of the foreign student version of the public comments, but information service is not a killer. To retain users produce feelings, must be a circle, strong community. Qin Bin want to take you in yue finally to become a student services of vertical social networking sites.

team, founder ren Qin Bin graduated from zhejiang university, UCLA have a master’s degree in engineering in the United States, has been jointly founding an online study abroad services, long-term focus on study abroad market and Internet market, to participate in the organization many times the student activities, and after 90.