“Exclusive” car modification platform “zero kilometer” seed investment

(text/He Yuying)

at the end of 2014, after the car market to become a new frontiers of the fight of the Internet, this year the national car ownership by 140 million. Behind this huge data already has quite a number of the owner of the start from “have” to “enjoy” transformation, personalization private vehicles be a widening market demand. Converted from an underground, niche market gradually become part of the personality, the demands of self.

founder zero kilometers shein-chung chow worked at Volvo IT gothenburg r&d center, fold billiton company, back to chengdu in early 2014, after the market analysis found that car modification market “, at the same time as a natural motorists, assembled with their business partners have the same hobby, launched in January 2015, 0 km closed beta version of the APP.

shein-chung chow told hunting cloud network, zero kilometers formal version of the APP is expected to officially released at the end of March 2015, focused on car modification market, community element can be incorporated into the product in the O2O platform at the same time increase the light plate in the community, multidirectional connection juyou, modification, modification and accessories business organization. Establish vertical modified mobile community and the operation mode of the combined electricity, integrate offline correct organization form online social network of similar hobbies.

the current domestic market in its infancy, modified the size of the market, though large, but there are also a lot of pain points. First of all, on modified cognition is not enough. Many owners are still stay in the traditional view of film and television works to regain. A lot of potential customers think refitting vehicle is illegal, the underground group of special interests. Secondly, the current market lacks vehicles refitted related mobile Internet products. There are two products for a longer time “nac” and “cart” are the main information delivery services, ignore the social function between owner and group properties. Again, a modified asymmetric businesses, organizations and customers. Shein-chung chow told hunting cloud network at present, our country has 56 million modified enthusiast, potential users unable to statistics, but when the owners have modified ideas but don’t know where to find modified shop, store resources lack of integration and promotion. Finally, a modified high transaction security problems existing in the process. Modified price is different because the content is quite different, in the face of high trade customers and merchants usually choose entity shop, so it has become a business into a difficulty.

in the face of various problems of the market, zero kilometers also puts forward the corresponding solution measures, in addition to the community elements into and refitting the spread of knowledge. Finalist ali bacc the 20, 2014 strengths to zero kilometers to get the support ali background resources, not only on the technical help, for the high transaction voucher, controls the transaction for the transaction of online security. At the same time, in zero km team in addition to technical talents like shein-chung chow, also some modified boundary doyen, founder of chengdu Piach Liu Lei is zero kilometers with people run a member of the team.

shein-chung chow told hunting cloud network, data showed 2014 modified market is developing rapidly, in September the same year the state new yearly check time change for 6 years, that is to say the same modification cost can get more personalized experience, the change will undoubtedly convince a lot of modified potential customers. Converted at the same time, the upcoming 2015 national standard, national standard after the upgrade from the appearance, performance, and so on various aspects to make specific provision, converted to market from the traditional view of underground, according to the legal line into security industry to follow.

shein-chung chow to hunt cloud network validation, zero kilometers currently have seed funding, angel investment under negotiation. In the layout of development in the future, can filter more industry credibility offline modified shop provides more choices for cyclists. At the same time using the ace of the existing resources, modified with chengdu market as example, from the C2B personalization docking, B2B, B2C cases modified shop wholesale channels integrating three aspects to improve the quality of the project.