“Exclusive” campus part-time recruitment platform “part-time” pocket for A round of $20 million


today, pocket part-time founder and CEO zhang about cloud to cloud network exclusive hunting, has just acquired by guangdong zhongke merchants investment of 20 million yuan A round of funding. Pocket part-time focused on college students part-time campus recruitment, in November 2014, namely obtained by byd director Mr Xia Zuoquan and focus media executives angel round VP investment of 2 million yuan.

at the same time, zhang debate YunXiWang representative after 95 to show sincere, honest, willing to respond to earlier this year Mr Xiao-ping xu’s call to post messages real financing. A special hunting cloud network to that discussion cloud information above is true information, to Mr Xia Zuoquan and merchants, managing director of the division in guangdong Mr Handful of verification.

pocket part-time are classified into student client app and the app, launched in January 2015, has been 400000 student users, mainly concentrated in guangzhou pearl river delta region.

pocket part-time product features:

1, based on the analysis of large data, the user use the longer, the more able to compute the user interested in post and compensation scope, the intelligent recommendation matching students interested in a position, improve the efficiency of recruitment.

2, based on the experience, the upcoming students certification and insurance. Certified students once cheated, the enterprise will be compensation of 10 times the salary amount.

3, students complete resume after resume can be a key to the enterprise. Companies resume, looked at the students can do like a retractor resume feedback view, lets the student resume is no longer sink after delivery.

4, is about to open students part-time community, anonymous user has a powerful speech to part-time students, but not a centralized place to vent, through anonymous community platform to increase user stickiness and use time.

menacing after 95, said ashamed after 90. More let I feel shame after the 90, 95 after being a discussion cloud CV, remove the identity of the junior now, serial entrepreneur on him is well-deserved.

pocket part-time founder and CEO zhang about cloud experience:

13 start earn the first bucket of gold hundreds of thousands of

15 second startup earn nearly 1 million

17 years old to open taobao shop, into the thousands

18 years of age four business away from the PC era

when he was 19 years old junior founded pocket part-time App

participated in CCTV’s famous business program dialogue millet CEO lei jun

the Internet helped more than 30 traditional enterprise transformation, water flowing over ten times last month, millions to do.