Exclusive: ali executives entrepreneurship massage O2O “at 7 o ‘clock” ten million

to massage shop O2O “at 7 o ‘clock” founder weight-losing told cloud network exclusive hunting, lenovo do angel financing has won.

unlike most O2O door, “” at 7 o ‘clock on the model, is a O2O to store massage, foot care, SPA, Chinese massage services platform. As a mobile platform, “” at 7 o ‘clock system can provide users with location-based nearest technician recommend, will be offline craftsmen on the user’s mobile phone screen, the entire process to the user to make an appointment and to the end of the shop after finish.

it is understood that in the past, users to shop after, will be randomly assigned technician, if technician service good, the next time the user consumption is likely to return to. If the technician service is poor or unsatisfactory, the user can only spirits, disappointed, and select the new businesses. Most of the guests choose massage shop is random, a small number of users will rely on friends referrals to make a choice, but choice scope is also very limited. Don’t have a transparent, perfect system to meet the demand of user customization, such as some users notice is cost-effective, some users need is related certificates of special technicians, experienced some users focus on high-end consumption environment is comfortable and so on.

but in recent years, all kinds of massage, SPA, massage feet shops springing up, offline speciality store hundreds of thousands, the next few years will also be doubled. So fierce industry competition, how to stand out, the businessman also is injury passes the brain actually. Internet + concept popular today, with ideas, traditional businesses have started thinking about how to actively embrace the Internet, but mostly suffer from does not understand the industry and forget about it.

it is to solve the pain points, team “at 7 o ‘clock” was born. “At 7 o ‘clock” has a more than 40 people online team. CEO weight-losing and COO Zhao Bingjun from ali system. According to hunt cloud network understanding, weight-losing has 11 years experience on the Internet, in alibaba in 2004, served as alibaba, alibaba, general manager of Beijing branch, shenzhen branch department general manager 2012, pay treasure to air travel. Once management alibaba and pay treasure to thousands of people in the team. Departure business was established in 2014 to fly from Internet company. The CTO li zhongyan tillage, responsible for tencent, YY voice and music to make the game core project. Team has won the lenovo almost never an angel round investment, fund is mainly used for team building and business operations.

online for 3 months, “at 7 o ‘clock” tri-cities has covered Beijing, hangzhou, shenzhen, is about to open in guangzhou, Shanghai, the city services.

is different from the door model, “” at 7 o ‘clock to store mode without the limitations of space and equipment, can provide more comprehensive services, massage, foot care, SPA, massage of TCM, four categories of orders have technicians resources: in the case of without formally promote, there are nearly 10 technicians for registration. Mainstream national famous brand, such as raw yoshiko fitness, five fingers, rich overseas Chinese, such as qian son lotus have cooperation.

for stores, “” at 7 o ‘clock technician personal page and credit system, to help them to show professional, characteristics. Users are able to pass the client and preview the whole shop technician real, detailed service information (such as recommendation project, project price, workplace environment, guest reviews, etc.), coupled with real-time consulting system, the user to quickly find satisfactory service, save service waiting time, from the “service” into “fast and have fun to enjoy the high quality service”, from “customer requirement” to “service to obtain the shortest path.

in the wave of Internet + environment, removing the convenience, the focus of user attention more lies in the service itself; To connect the core of the user and the service is a technician. How to help by server quickly find good server side, and complete the deal? How to help service especially good server find more high-quality customer groups and provide them with ongoing service?

to do so, at 7 o ‘clock did a few things:

1, strict selection technician, ensure that all technician data real and effective. Data at the same time, perfect, professional certificate, good service attitude of the technician will be certified as star technicians, given special display and identity;

2, in terms of promotion, targeted at 7 o ‘clock on star stores targeted online promotion, through online marketing channels and word-of-mouth spread, the combination of offline publicizing, let more users through to the shop at 7 o ‘clock;

3, on the profit, in view of the end users and B end C technician and businesses, is a pure free mobile platform. In the later, “” at 7 o ‘clock may use precision marketing user consumption data.

the door O2O, or to store O2O, belong to high frequency hot O2O topic. Compared with the model, such as the limitations of the door massage service project of the single, user privacy and security of person to be security is obvious. Of course, door to door massage after all can meet the requirements of part of the “lazy”, if we can deep plunge into an area and service quality will do a good job, many start-ups is the opportunity to small and beautiful to survive. But is also likely to just stop there. While service flat to store mode, need to push the team and a strong powerful business operations. If he can’t pull a balance between the user and the technician guest orders, is likely to be stretched too long, forming an condition. The relative merits of the door and into the store, who will eventually become blue ocean in the red sea, we’ll just have to wait and see, let time to speak.