Exclusive: 107 won HongTai angel investment funds ten million yuan

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recently. At today, the company and to hunt cloud sole, has obtained HongTai angel round investment fund ten million yuan. The fund is made up of new Oriental education group chairman, Mr Yu, former chairman of huatai united securities ChengXiTai co-founded.

107 is a direct connection between the tenant and the landlord rental real intelligence platform, focused on Beijing university graduates and young white-collar market, the core team, graduated from Peking University, Cambridge university, hku. 107 genes is a pure Internet platform for the rent, housing completely online spontaneously by the user, and independent research and development to the “my neighbor totoro” mediation recognition system to filter the mediation houses or tenant, the tenant easily with the landlord to rent a house.

107 CEO WeiWei said that 107 is the representative of “4.0”. 1.0 refers to the traditional intermediary that rent a house, with ground stores for housing and through the information monopoly profit. Rent refers to the classification of web 2.0, using the Internet, promote efficiency of the part, but the poor quality of the information chaos, did not extend to offline. Rent 3.0 refers to “Internet banner but still essentially by renting the ground connection on both sides of the so-called” Internet rent “products, including the change of traditional mediation from offline to online. Rent is 4.0 from online to offline, attaches great importance to the information content of the “real” and “smart” of information transmission, starting from the real effective information of online a lot, with mobile communications, intelligent matching way for users to more easily complete the rent.

107 has been achieved between the online and mobile terminal information interaction of intelligent recommendation, the future will continue to revolve around the “real”, “smart” perfect products. At the same time, the “107” platform attributes also indicates the future there will be a lot of space and other enterprise cooperation.

HongTai fund founded by Mr Yu, ChengXiTai joint, LP (LPS), including Mr Huang, Andrew y yan, wang zhongjun and other leaders from all walks of life. HongTai fund focuses on three areas: to transform traditional industry of mobile interconnection, health/medical/education and Internet consumer.

new venture capital is a focus on life sciences and mobile Internet angel investment institutions. In Shanghai, silicon valley, Beijing and Hong Kong are equipped with branches.

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