Excessive consumption of “smart” has already begun to fail

cloud network hunting note: smart watches, smart phone, smart TV, these are our familiar words of science and technology. But every time I see them, have you ever thought they really is the intelligent equipment? In the consumer “smart” at the same time, maybe we should go to explore more of the words “intelligent” all men are mortal.

what makes a product to achieve “intelligent”? According to the meaning of intelligent device is “guidance” its behavior have wisdom. First use of the phrase is used to describe laser guided missile in the Vietnam war. The smart missile using radar, infrared, laser, or satellite in order to realize the guidance function, the accuracy is much higher than the current non guided missiles, or “dumb”.

laser guided missile

when it is used in the field of civil, this phrase is widely used for the first time should be in the form of a brand name in the memory of our generation – smart car. Smart car is the europeans invented the odd-looking, four-wheel drive. Because they are environmental protection, intelligent also includes advanced green technology.

smart car

in the United States President barack Obama’s first term, he promised to establish “smart energy network” to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging, to adjust the energy structure to reduce outage accidents, the city are connected to the wind turbine and solar power plant, in order to get more renewable energy.

today, “smart” has been used to describe any one in the original is not based on intelligent autonomy has improved, and that is through the network, sensor, efficiency or integrated above all. “Smart” to enter the mainstream words because Palm the emergence of the first smartphone, but now because of the rise of wearable products as well as the concept of Internet of things is the term used to describe the range of things in the constantly expanding, which lead to “smart” is gradually losing its effectiveness.

in some cases, the “smart” sounds is a joke. Just in Asia, we have seen the “smart glass”, “smart” the cup pad, “smart” cushion, and these give a person the feeling is scratched the surface. So let’s take a look at how the word is from its western origin development become today the global fashion.

2004 (left) and 2014 (r), Google about” smart “keywords global search area contrast figure

what is intelligence?

these so-called intelligent items have some common features, that is connected via bluetooth or wireless network to realize equipment, has a corresponding mobile application, there are some is the combination of electronic sensors. These parts coordination in order to collect data, and pass to the mobile phone, finally in the form of images or data presented to the user.

smart glass Cuptime

but there are things like qualification is referred to as a “smart”? It really is in with their own actions demonstrate of “smart” meaning “guidance” its behavior have wisdom? Even now I don’t agree, because most of such a claim to product still the very single way of working, that is they are not based on collected data of their own to make the right decisions, but simply the data collected and presented.

and smart wear is the largest of these misnomer. A health bracelet or a motion tracking device may be based on user used to collect enough data and then give advice, but it did not in the category of intelligence. The user just that need daily walk or change their position. Those guided missiles have not lost their goals and then tell the soldiers “on the left give more firepower”. They are both real-time feedback and make a decision.

smart bracelets

smart home or smart city science and technology has been very close to the real smart, but still not reach the real intelligence. Refrigerator based on some internal data to automatically adjust temperature, traffic lights can make adjustment according to the traffic to prevent traffic congestion, all of these can be considered to be intelligent. Machines and machine interconnection is now the real advantage created by intelligent products. Smart does not mean mature artificial intelligence, because it is only have based on the data collected by the ability to make a decision.

language the natural selection of

I complained about the word “smart” abuse aside, this problem could be resolve on its own. When intelligence become very common and is no longer a “senior” word, it could largely removed from our vocabulary. Such things have happened in the word “electric”, it is very unique and often it’s cousin “electronic” confusion. Do you remember the last time you heard “electric washing machine” or “electronic coffee machine” what time is it?

washing machine

“digital”, and it also is going to go to the end of the life. We have very few call camera, digital camera, because it is an expression of the long time ago.

smart will experience a stage, now all phone call smart phone, smart TV should be the next target. However, these expressions will not disappear completely. Some products whenever you have a disruptive upgrade, they’ll still use the original name. Electric and digital marketing is the best example of when this kind of technology has been progress in the development, the expression is used.

but the question is, who is the next is used to describe the next generation of consumer technology new words?

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