Everyone the rise and fall: character, founder of the company

note: hunting cloud in undertaking tide, lead the team to move forward, the founder of the often determines the company’s fate, this paper put the thief everyone’s founder and its years of the history of the rise and fall as a comb, people are established for yourself and think about the future direction of the company and using for reference. So-called, taking history as a mirror, hunting YunXiWang this article can help those who want to venture or are in the venture.

Confucius said “forty and perplexity”.

as a founder of the earliest Chinese famous BBS community already, rogue (Liu Hu) in 2011 in his forties. Birthday that day, the thieves to everyone colleagues and shareholders art longfa a letter of resignation, the second choose to leave.

this is an emotional complex decision: everyone, founded in 1998, 2000 sold to elong, 2005 return to everyone to leave again in 2011, the thieves witness is the rise and fall of everyone, not just there are ups and downs of the Internet.

the thieves do last important work in everyone, everyone is trying to a solo spun off in the dragon, the plan since 2008, the thieves to set the time limit is 40 years old birthday.

he put it as is to own a replacement, if still struggle in everyone, basic already can’t do too many things, the pattern of three years in a big change, have wasted a lot of time and opportunity.

unfortunately, until 2011, when everyone stripping is still not to make, E-mail sent in his resignation at that moment, a relaxed rogue, and could start.

for sale

strictly, everyone there is chance: the thieves at home in 1998 to write computer programs due to cervical spondylosis, disease of bored to write a program that 1 to take a “already” name, then all the way developed into the most popular sites, particularly influential in the overseas Chinese, everyone at the beginning of 2000 global rankings even reached more than 100.

1998-2000 in the early years of the Internet, even if tencent are struggling to find profit way, let alone to everyone. As everyone registered users rose to millions, over load operation of both server and platform system into, in order to “play ticket” rogue even often eat instant noodles to save money.

but as a university teacher, the thieves are stretched thin, had to development peak in 2000, sell everyone to e dragon (later renamed elong). Everyone on the deposit humanistic feelings, there are a lot of net friend don’t understand the behavior of the thieves, and even accused rogue of using Internet to make money.

2005 rogue return to everyone “jinling evening news” interview, said, “I am a programmer, in order to keep everyone’s not stand, have to make sacrifices.” Even now the thieves don’t regret to sell everyone to elong, “if you don’t sell everyone should be dead by now.”

when the thief is a programmer, not the financing will not tell a story, don’t even pay dollars from abroad to purchase the domain name. “I’m interested in making money is not big, so when the development of everyone I have to earn more money to support, or even simply can’t support to earn money by work, I choose to give up some happiness to pursuit of happiness.” The thieves told the jinling evening news.

sell everyone to elong, rogue farewell to 10 years of college life, to a listed company.


the Internet conference held once a year the conventional location is Beijing, in 2008 moved to nanjing. Everyone also participate in the conference, as a representative of the Internet industry in nanjing general manager liu told the media at the scene revealed an important message: everyone will be in late 2008 and early 2009’s dragon thorough dissection, and independent public after adjustment for two years.

a solo dragon 2000 acquisition of everyone, everyone’s business has been independent development, elong does not participate in the strategy, but to give financial support. Although everyone around 2005 face strong competitors, but the word of mouth and business development situation is good, a profit in 2005.

at the end of the world and everyone to challenge the most heated, the thieves to leave nanjing has five years, but has everyone friends visit, spend a week saddened fallers describes how everyone, only one ultimate goal: the hope that the thieves back to everyone. Now liu also had lobbied the thieves, in the hope that he can help everyone to develop products and technologies.

after all the thieves have deep feelings to everyone, leaving everyone he also accumulated a lot of 5 years technical experience, he thinks that everyone can develop better, so I decided to return.

everyone no more than 20 employees, in 2005 registered users reached 9 million people, including VIP user fees of more than 1%. During 2006-2007, everyone development reaches the peak.

but elong, after all, is a listed company, at the beginning of the listing itself still loss situation, everyone did not give too much input, and wireless or commercial will need a lot of money. In the long run BBS formats profit is far away from the scale, if everyone want to a higher level, investors need to introduce more confident.

in this context, everyone team began seeking outside capital in 2008, hoping to everyone as soon as possible a solo spun off in the dragon, and plans to independent public 2 years.


but stripping is not easy.

resistance from elong is, they want a wholly-owned holding, or completely sold, are not part of the introduction of capital this compromise, let everyone capital operation difficult. In addition as part of the listed assets, everyone was given higher valuations, while the capital assessment is relatively low, even if everyone team don’t mind but elong don’t promise, it is difficult to achieve unification.

it is everyone development peak in 2008, the thieves and everyone think you did a good job, but after close contact with venture capital, found that there are still many defects.

one of the most important thing is that everyone is not a good story. To the satisfaction of the capital, even if everyone double every online users to reach a large size, but a few years to profit is still at the primary level, it is difficult to break through the scale. Then everyone can also what are the new story and SNS, weibo? Everyone give no clear answer.

it is not only a everyone, then be positive on the end of the world, also repeated shocks since 2009 in domestic market, but also affected by the new social forms such as weibo, coupled with the global financial crisis, ultimately not below.

in terms of commercialization, then everyone has done a lot to explore, such as charging users, launched advertising system, etc., but the user backlash, the progress has not been very good. Everyone in mobile in 2007 began to layout, but due to funding restrictions, both couldn’t keep up with technology and market aspect, also does not have too big progress.

delayed flange, operational status is not ideal, growth is slowing, everyone around 2010 users in weibo WeChat outbreak is completely fall of The Times, so far everyone still is a wholly owned subsidiary elong, but the basic not disclosed in elong earnings, has been forgotten by the outside world.


in only one article, it is difficult to describe the thieves feelings for everyone, in summing up the experience everyone, rogue more at the problems and reasons in themselves.

or sold to elong this topic, the thieves don’t regret the biggest reason is that “I don’t have the ability to maintain this good”. At that time he didn’t know the investors can’t speak can’t fool, everyone not so cheap not sold out, “people can do what degree, is clear in my mind.”

in his view, at least with elong capital support, the development of between 2001 to 2008, everyone is very good, in the sale of everyone did not choose the wrong on the matter itself.

but everyone for so many years didn’t bring too much wealth to the thief. Everyone sold to elong, anecdotal hearsay price is 2 million yuan in cash and stock, rogue has said is not so much, said people familiar with his only, only equivalent to the price of a house.

as a university teacher from rogue, more or less have some elegance, intellectuals for “money” this topic usually ashamed.

2005 liu looking for the thieves to elong, listed as elong, rogue studiously avoided this time, such as elong listed after the return to everyone. “Even if you listed a few months back also won’t have too many options before?” Sina science and technology asked. “yes, but I don’t want to let the outside world think I listed because they didn’t go back.” The thieves answered.

but these character flaws change after the thieves back to everyone, after all, he needs to take the initiative to go out to find money to help everyone. 2008 would go to management, economics of rogue a free course, reference to everyone this development needs, all the way to have a deep comprehension of right and wrong strategy.

for their own advantage, rogue summary of product, community, and people’s feeling. Everyone is the product of a foolish to explore early development, but in the now, is based on the interest in dating the earliest prototype: netizens custom open forum discussion of their topic, can open a private discussion groups, and so on.

left everyone again, the thieves started in the true sense of business. He and investors get angel investment serious talked: still not sure whether it can do, but want to make certain is not a trivial matter.


in addition to reflect on their own personality, the thieves also said that not clear enough for the business model to see everyone. One of the most key point, is that there is no development of ecology to suit everyone.

there are three kinds of ecology on everyone, at that time is a net friend, the second is marketing company, the third is everyone advertising system. But the three kinds of ecology is not a common development, to marketing companies to adopt strategies to block, everyone have long but strong push their own advertising system, netizens level on marketing and advertising are excluded.

“actually marketing company very hard, myself to do many activities and advertising, everyone standing party block to them, rather than from competing, haven’t time to consider a net friend feelings, increase the operating costs, but not generate sales value.” Rogue now believe that these three aspects can be a organic whole.

although everyone was advertising system income of millions of dollars a year, but the thief think not the health, “the greater the income, the greater the interference with everyone inside, this is not to grow up with the user.”

“but cooperate with marketing company, is not afraid to cause harassment?” Sina science and technology. Rogue, balance is the key to good services, such as using a set of backend systems service marketing company, and establish corresponding rules of the road.

thief think especially, as the six dynasties ancient capital nanjing rich cultural atmosphere, it should be “culture” through various activities, if these do good service culture marketing activities, will not only get a net friend support, also can low cost to obtain income. “The best business is doing business with others.”

in addition to the strategic error, another point hinder the development of everyone, after it is sold to elong burden is too heavy. Even if the thieves back to everyone, but, after all, everyone has changed hands is limited by elong identity and control of listed companies, everyone team is also a lack of courage to break the stakes.

one of the important case is wireless strategy, in fact, in 2007, everyone has been doing radio program, but because wireless lose interest, original and need huge investment, also can’t see the business model for a long time, everyone no one dare word to do it, and finally go away, missed the best development opportunity.

look from the external environment, the thief thinks community is subdivided ecological areas from the beginning, only focus on the user, rather than a big company focus on the long tail. And only the Internet development to the present scale, based on the accuracy of small brand merchants advertising system, may let the community to find ways to survive.

Leave again

after leaving everyone in 2011, the thieves went to Tibet, the first after you come back to start new projects “spore”. This is a product based on interested in dating, including web and mobile version, the goal is to do a community can grow aggregation group type.

although everyone actually, the end of the world, such as gradually decline, SNS on behalf of the company renren and kaixin slightly weak, but there are a variety of social tools take user time emerge in endlessly, weibo, WeChat or Momo in their respective fields to occupy a certain market share.

the thieves believed that the above a few kinds APP represent different social categories: weibo represents the public social network, mass rapid UGC content is the biggest advantage; And WeChat is illicit close acquaintances social, do best on a single point of social; Social networking is perfect stranger Momo representatives.

“social in China lack most is interested in.” Thief said, “spore” is actually the continuation of his thinking in everyone, even though when everyone has given the direction, but too many things to overturn resistance was too big.

in fact, baidu post bar, watercress group success, has authenticated the continued vitality of the social interest, but baidu post bar and douban group has different cultural atmosphere, and the thief think if everyone’s cultural atmosphere, will still have development space on the social interest.

everyone, from his first rogue goal more clear this time, and now the Internet base flow is enough big, business model can be used precision marketing to match, already there won’t be so confused before.

the spores to the whole team is only about 10 people, the product is only a preliminary online beta testing, basic it is everyone the old users. Rogue now does not intend to large-scale promotion, he thought the social product core or experience, if users feel bad after promotion soon lost, the thieves want to grasp the rhythm of the is: initial scale, product optimization, do the size, to do optimization.

but spores and no clear direction, which is very different and douban group. The thieves confessed to try to avoid douban too strong strategy direction, he thinks that the benefits of the directional too strong is easy to operate, but the directive will filter out a lot of direction is not consistent with the user.

thief behind more hope to use the name “spore” to explain the meaning of location: “a simple, lightweight, can be copied, composable, groups, and groups can form bigger groups together, as living organisms breeding.”

although the thieves have a clear idea of this time, but also have to face the strong competitors, in addition to baidu post bar and douban group continued, even the alibaba’s “and” change strategy, also the same with “social interest” as the theme.

than these companies burglar in money and resources is not dominant, “spore” whether can come out in the fierce competition, also need time to verify.

(the author: trish)