Everybody can develop mobile game, the Player to make a small white like the game using a mobile phone

cloud network hunting note: along with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and applications, mobile game is like a spring bamboo throughout each big app store, after all is just a flash in the pan. Now people’s horizons is turning to mobile game production field. Galzerano Player will bring you different experience, simple and interesting.

now mobile game is the most interesting trends: like a virus epidemic is a flash in the pan. As the most profitable mobile game is basically like: candy crush saga, Flappy Bird and crazy logging and so on the splash screen of the game. Learn the game takes only a few seconds, master and only need a few days time. And most are free, some also only need to spend a few dollars, but it is on a whim, after the initial hype peak basically will sink. I know many people often play all kinds of games, some will literally: “I bet I can make such a game.”

the last two years, 18 Chris Galzerano is devoted to the production of the Player the application and improvement, hope anyone can do make your own games.

is not the same as Unity, GameSalad completely, Player doesn’t need powerful PC or any professional tool you can begin to operate, and it only needs to be done on a mobile phone can. Maybe use the word “development (development)” to describe the application you are using some of the tough. Download to the iPhone but it was the first time, you will get 5 simple game production template, like vertical plane 2 d shooting game or doodle jump.

choose one of the template, you can the be fond of according to oneself to edit game and the elves of the background music. As long as it is on your phone images and sounds as well as the camera pictures, or use the microphone recording you can use any. All creating and sharing one of the micro games only need a few minutes can fix. Once your project is saved, it will become a part of the new social network applications, and also the top creates a new game. You can also pay attention to your friends at any time, and see what they are doing and what to play.
Galzerano said he hopes to make the application with a web design program Vine is a little similar, seemingly simple tools, has not the same to the people’s experience, simple and interesting.

if the previous 5 game template are not you want to make, you only need to spend $1 can buy to another within the application and 5 game template, you also have the opportunity to elaborate game template free access to other players. Galzerano hope in the near future to find a game designer for the application to create a more diverse game template, and plans to allow the user to modify some variables, such as the number of production and the speed of moving so every game can feel a little more unique places.

the number of download Player so far has more than 12000, only the customers together to create the application of the game is more than 13000. Yet authorized people to make your own game content this concept is not new (even if used in mobile phones and tablets). The fact is, Galzerano eliminates the complicated procedures as much as possible, at the same time to the customers left a impression: user “game” can make the application in a unified or unreal way can’t remove the mainstream, to those enthusiasts to provide a professional platform, not only for entertainment toys, also provide a chance for their starting position.

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