Every pot: make your life full of “soft” food

(word/Tian Jinyang)

surely everyone’s childhood had such experience: his bowl dish meat is delicious, no lack of flavor, in my heart always want what others bowl. Lane, occasionally go to neighbors, uncle aunt’s house door, pan or the POTS, bowls or the bowl, eat meals with other people’s house, always feel especially sweet.

every pot, is a problem, often make love children is “every pot sweet food will” founder smoked cao cheng the name of the source. Smoked cao cheng had the experience of overseas study, when she in foreign country, especially miss hometown diet and human feelings. It was then that “meal” and “to feed our members’ ideas, in her shape in your mind.

in December 2014, “every pot sweet food will”, set up the P2P food social platform take root in chengdu, sichuan province, the eight main team personnel after 80.

“the sharing of modern young people demand more and more intense, P2P sharing was gradually accepted and into people’s lives, what we do is to” eat “as the center of new experience.” Smoked cao cheng said. Every pot sweet food dating platform, there are two major parts, one is “rice”, “customers” to “landlord” launched by the meal; The second is “take-out”, just as delicious taste other people not at home. Users can choose the custom fit their tastes food or party, food distributors can also according to their own time to launch a meal, share the cooking. At the same time, in the aspect of “food myspace”, platform through the point of interest and to contribute to the common lovers with user viscosity properties of the party.

every pot sweet puts forward the concept of “landlord” and “customers”, here, the “landlord” is willing to share their cooking food enthusiasts and places; “Customers” are passionate about food and don’t feel like cooking swathes of the clan. In this way, every pot of sweet for is two big considerable user base. In spite of this, smoked cao cheng remains cautious: “let us do the chengdu market, and is aimed at after 85.” In her view, to a bite to eat rice, way to go step by step, the chengdu market high-value, besides other; As to why after 85 mainly for groups, smoked cao cheng said that young people are more willing, willing to share, for the “rice” model were also more likely to accept. Smoked cao cheng told hunting cloud network and the security of “rice” passes through multiple tests, the team will be ready to diners and two-way authentication, food distributors effectively safeguard the personal and property security of both parties, let it be “spell” at ease, rest assured.

“EAT from the United States WITH” to “feed” in China, and the food market is being rapid excavation. Smoked cao cheng said, every pot sweet advantage mainly has two points, first of all, is the food price, the existence of “landlord” reduce the cost of “rice”, quality improving, compared with private restaurant “rice” model, cost can reduce 60%; The second is the social attribute, an unexpected party, one desk meal full of the milk of human kindness, is an effective breakthrough and innovation to attract users.

outside the building platform, every pot sweet line also has experience pavilion, the theme is “to pass food, love,” convenient user initiated offline experiences, ect. In addition, every pot will be offline activities on a regular basis, two of the activities has “single – gourmet”, “care for empty nesters — to empty nester family reunion dinner”, has been for every pot sweet together quite a number of version and gourmet.

“food, clothing, shelter, line, food is indispensable. Our life can not lack of food, so the market is always a treasure.” Smoked cao cheng said.

at present, every pot sweet has launched an angel round financing plan.