Every family talk about big data with shield only do big data against fraud

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with all kinds of Internet financial products have mushroomed in general, the user an influx of money makes network security, especially to prevent online fraud is particularly important. With shield technology is the first domestic Internet finance risk control and anti-fraud service providers, it is with the outbreak quickly and high-speed development of the Internet financial representative.

with the shield technology was established in October 2013, is a company is in a high growth in the emerging startups, its core members from ali, Paypal, ThreatMetrix top Internet company, mainly for the financial industry, the Internet provide real-time data analysis, risk control and anti-fraud service, goal is to finance, payment, electricity, network and other industries to provide the most basic loan risk and credit assessment services. Since its inception, with the shield has won top VC series A and A + round of investment.

although set up just over a year, but has become the top domestic large data fraud company. What is big data fraud? With shield technology, co-founder of COO ma said in an interview with hunting cloud network displacement, fraud is fraud, fraud is not fraudsters to justice, but in fraud before it stopped. With shield technology by means of large data, draw the negative to the deceiver portrait, so as to prevent the happening of the fraud.

the risk control and how big a fraud? In the most common form of fraud, theft behavior and Trojan attacks the top, and against the blocking rate was 30%. In addition to shield will also establish a faithless list, this way, can help enterprises to guard a massive harmful access.

with shield the vast majority of customers from different industries, in addition to the financial, and electricity, payment, credit card, social networking, games, etc. A lot of different types. The financial industry, the Internet is the biggest source of customers, this is due to the financial industry itself is gathered a lot of money, for criminals, this is very tempting, especially hi-tech criminals. Ma flooding thinks, in the form of cloud services to provide protection for Internet financial related enterprise, will become a new strategy of network fraud.

less than two years and established a company is how to keep technology advantage in the industry? Ma flooding summed up as the underlying technology and the advantage of the database. Ma tell hunting cloud network drive, has applied for a patent with shield “equipment” fingerprint technology can clearly know the user’s identity, and he is on the same computer and cell phone. With shield most of the data is through customer feedback behavior of superposition.

the advent of the era of Internet +, although brought business a lot of opportunities, in the same way, the network has a lot more molecules and risk of fraud. , said ma flooding with shield have put forward the concept of the Internet – is to minus all sorts of different types of risk, such as theft behavior, stolen brush card, single, fraud, etc. In addition, more important is to want to minus the protectionism of the enterprise, through the way of sharing the blacklist to do defense from spreading.