Eversheet: focus on small and medium-sized enterprise CRM + enterprise application platform

May 12 (word/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: when it comes to enterprise CRM must mention Salesforce online, it is the pioneer of SaaS, put forward the slogan of “terminator” software, provide enterprises with the CRM services via the Internet. Eversheet from CRM, establish a highly customizable enterprise applications and trading platform, mobile, PC, cloud three-terminal combination provide service for small and medium enterprises.

Eversheet founder zhang told cloud network hunting, salesforce’s success attracted domestic manufacturers to follow suit. “At present most of the domestic manufacturers provide only a single CRM products and services, focus mainly on the CRM customer resources and raising the level of product technology. But CRM itself is not high technology content, so products can only rely on free, occupy the market at a lower price, no ability and energy to the enterprise backend application.”

Eversheet through market research team decided on the basis of CRM online service, Eversheet to SaaS provider infrastructure platform development. Team with three years to build the two platforms, one is a software development platform (Eversheet enterprise application platform), is a trading platform. Third-party developers can Eversheet enterprise application development platform developed additional functional modules, and by trading platform for CRM customer sales. Also have rich management experience of developers to join will expand Eversheet optional application module, a virtuous circle of industry ecosystem. In zhang’s words is that developers can use second startup Eversheet platform.

zhang thinks that there are two traditional CRM is more obvious market pain points: first, the personalized needs of enterprises and the software of the contradiction between generalization properties. The cost of small and medium-sized enterprises can’t afford one to one individual development, so the personalized management of enterprises need to adapt to market generic CRM, inevitably produce a variety of problems in practice. “Most of the programmers also develop CRM no practical experience in management, a lot of features in the enterprise practice.”

second traditional CRM in user demand change need long time to make changes. Zhang jun to hunt cloud network calculated brushstroke zhang, “when the user needs change, programmers need to modify the code, small problem can solve three minutes, and then began to compile, debug, packaging, upload the installation deployment, the entire process takes 3 hours, 3 minutes can solve the problem at the end of the day spent 3 hours, not including the three hours business owners to discuss with the programmer’s time. We think it’s a waste of life, also will face higher costs.”

Eversheet encapsulate the underlying software development completely, use spreadsheets to design database system, make management of actual combat experience but not a programming users can in a short period of time developed to suit oneself enterprise CRM and even the entire enterprise management system. Meanwhile Eversheet software development platform with rent the space charge model, and with developers into, compared with the traditional CRM, saving the cost of 80%.

zhang told cloud network, hunting Eversheet USES a natural language description of procedures, when the enterprise needs to change the user only needs to describe the change on the cloud, modified Eversheet finished in a short time automatic deployment, the user can use immediately, save the time cost.

in order to improve the user experience, to build the ecological circle, Eversheet puts forward the concept of crowdsourcing community development. Small and medium-sized enterprise developers will release task, the developer community to undertake tasks, Eversheet deployed in the cloud, launch mobile client applications at the same time, the development process of optimization.

Eversheet WPS team, team members are from Justin yu software founder zhang has independently developed with independent intellectual property rights of spreadsheet software and apply it to the Eversheet. Hunting cloud network learned that Eversheet there are over 10000 enterprise users (including huawei, shougang, Qingdao wind waves, China meteorological, film and television and other enterprises), and lingyun ali cloud computing competition award in 2013. Has now completed the angel round, officially launched A round of funding plan.