Evening: questionnaire completed a $5.5 million financing, tesla a large number of purchasing a robot

on February 2, hunting cloud network (text/who)

network questionnaire completed a new round of $5.5 million in financing

the questionnaire survey and user feedback questionnaire network management platform, announced that the company has completed a new round of $5.5 million in financing. The round has been completed in December 2014. It is understood that the excessive capital financing for China, star of lenovo, lenovo group le fund joint capital injection, etc.

opens a $4.9 million B round

investors including NGEN Partners, Emil Capital Partners, as well as the company founder Ted but. Opens, founded in 2011, it mainly through the construction and management of urban greenhouses, after to retailers sales sell fresh vegetables to obtain profits.

tesla robots in use at the end of a quantity

tesla and dole company signed the purchase order history’s largest robot – 100 spraying robot, 48 open/cover machine and sealing machine. The order of the robot will be main body and plastic parts. Design capacity can achieve coverage 500000 tesla body every year, is expected to be put into use at the end of 2015.

little guest consider again to raise 220 million yuan

Shanghai some guest information technology co., LTD., the board examined and approved the bill, the issuance of equity financing company will through a rights issue to raise 220 million yuan. The fixed objects include: increasing capital management co., LTD., of an ancient name for China clay innovation fund management co., LTD and shenzhen innovation investment group co., LTD., the new three board of qualified investors, and little guest management team.

Zhou Hongyi do mobile phone new site adjacent to the tencent building selected

360 chairman of the board of directors of the company profile has led many to visit shenzhen mobile phone market, has the independent brand mobile office address is selected, the software base located in nanshan district, shenzhen sea before. Ali and baidu have set up offices in the software park, the new Zhou Hongyi mobile base, adjacent to tencent’s new building, the distance is only 185 meters.

IBM Chen liming appointed chairman of greater China

IBM announced the appointment of Chen liming chairman of IBM in the greater China area. He will work with IBM greater China chief executive Edward I.. London jointly responsible for IBM greater China business. The role of the Chen liming focusing on cultivating, to strengthen and expand IBM business ecosystem of wide cooperation in China. He will provide Suggestions for IBM’s leadership team and partners, guidance and advice.

LinkedIn, vice President of China announced the king head of au as technical

LinkedIn China officially joined the river, served as vice President of technology, directly to lead the global vice President and executive Shen Boyang report. Shen Boyang said, the river is a very good technical management personnel, in the field of large-scale distributed computing and big data processing is quite deep attainments, also has the rich experience in research and development team management.