Evening news: rain car such as financing, jingdong will apply for personal credit licence

cloud network hunting on February 6th (text/who)

P2P platform CommonBond student lending for financing

P2P platform for student lending CommonBond announced that the United States the largest education Nelnet payment institutions in to invest in companies at the same time, also will provide at least 150 million dollars in loans. CommonBond did not disclose specific amount of Nelnet investment.

car rain announced $110 million D round

used electricity trading service flat wagon rain announced $110 million D round of financing, the financing by renren collar, sequoia capital, partners China, morningside venture capital and funds separately and citic capital, etc. Car rain was founded in 2006, starting in 2011, A round, to complete the first round of financing, accumulative total $185 million.

tesla poaching apple more than 150 employees

apple’s former Mac hardware engineering department, vice President of song – anfield to join tesla served as vice President of automobile project. Tesla has poached from apple for at least 150 people, a number that more than tesla poaching other auto enterprise between any number of employees. Tesla poaching by apple employees currently working in each department, including engineering and department of justice.

jingdong will apply for personal credit registry license equity the raised platform Q2 online

jingdong are planning to apply for personal credit registry licences. Yao Naisheng said it would involve data, technologies and products. 2015 will jingdong financial business linkage, namely rural finance and campus financial; And equity and the raise is have a very clear plan of products, will be launched in the second quarter, will involve two aspects of private and public offering stake in the raise.

all the film and television announced transformation and renamed show community online

all the film and television announced that after the transformation of the TV show “” online community. Opens at everyone today video website, text display, the original all subtitle group will be transferred to all, the community will provide TV drama series information, scheduling table, ratings, and other functions, and the APP will come out soon.

capsules will try again on Sunday the rockets recovery technology

this Sunday, promised a second attempt after the recovery technology of rocket. Located on the Atlantic will continue to use the platform to recycle the rockets. Now, due to the United States eastern time on February 8, 6:10 PM Falcon9 rocket from cape canaveral air force base in Florida. If the launch is cancelled, then will be 6:07 to launch on February 9th afternoon.

GoPro, news corporation, HTC, rich ah long to

GoPro on revenue of $633.9 million in the fourth quarter, compared with $361.5 million in the same period last year, Net profit attributable to common shareholders of $122.1 million, in the same period last year net profit attributable to common shareholders of $33.3 million, up 267% from a year earlier.

news corp in the second quarter ended December, in the quarter belongs to the shareholders of a company’s net profit fell to $142 million (us $0.24) earnings per share, below the same period of last year’s $150 million (us $0.26) earnings per share. News corp’s total revenue growth of 2% in the quarter, to $2.28 billion.

HTC in the fourth quarter revenue of t $47.9 billion ($1.52 billion), up 12% from a year earlier, compared with 14% growth in the last quarter. Company net profit of nt $500 million ($15.88 million), the after-tax nt $0.57 per share ($0.0181), compared to the same period last year fell by 20% in the 600 million new Taiwan dollars.

this one in the fourth quarter of last year sales fell 6% to 3.68 billion euros ($4.22 billion), operating profit fell by 3%, to 284 million euros. At the same time, under the action of “transformation plan” program, alcatel-lucent this quarter gross margin from 33.4% to 33.4% over the same period last year. Alcatel-lucent this quarter net profit of 271 million euros ($311 million), in the same period last year to 134 million euros. Alcatel-lucent annual revenue of 13.178 billion euros ($2014 last year (13.813 billion euros), net loss amount is from 1.3 billion euros in 2013 narrowed to 83 million euros.