Evening news: ali investment Israel qr code, meizu join haier U +

hunting cloud network on January 20 (text/who)

ali Israel qr code company

the qr code technology startups visual code (Visualead) announced that alibaba group B o get round. They will use the money to focus on the next generation of O2O technology research and development. Alibaba patent and technology will be widely used in the visual code, and jointly explore the ecosystem and the opportunity of global client application of this technique. Visual code of computer vision and machine learning can be any images, animation, and even video into interesting and effective visual qr code.

according to the data provided by the “visual code”, “visual qr code” for consumers in 4 times higher than traditional black-and-white qr code scanning rate. Ali is a businessman, whereof this consumer psychology still hold good.

meizu join haier U +

haier launches the meizu ecological wisdom joint conference announced that the meizu in intelligent household U + platform and haier haier logistics cloud to borrow, day by day, haier U – Home finance, logistics, and all aspects of depth cooperation. Meizu said will be open by lifekit provides system level across the APP permissions to haier, haier will open U + SDK for meizu phone can control all haier smart products.

of millet and beauty together, meizu haier is in hand. Meizu January 28th conference theme is “spirit LanXinPin, meizu intelligent ecological circle”, in addition to incarnate new closed to blue, is expected to launch intelligent household products together with the haier.

Letv auto UI system

Letv officially released the first terminal intelligent operating system — LeUI, including Auto version LeUI systems, Mobile version LeUI system, LeUI system, TV), through intelligent equipment such as car, Mobile, TV. Sita, Auto LeUI system is built to plan the first product of Letv, is the foundation of Letv super car out.

LeUI system Mobile version, depending on the Mobile phone is also not far away.

hillhouse capital transfer to raise $2 billion in new funds: intends to vote for the health care industry

news that Yale university funding hillhouse capital has raised a new $2 billion fund. The new fund will be used for investment in the United States medical institutions at the Mayo clinic, the agency is committed to raising the level of medical treatment in China. Hillhouse capital investment tencent, jingdong. Last November, the company invested in dhi China anti cancer drug development company.

travel community announced on the road B round

travel community on the road today announced a complete B round of financing, the investment by the new horizon led, lake in the south, IDG and capital with red dot, specific amount has not made public. On the road have also reached a strategic cooperation with cheng tourism, the two sides will at the destination information and tourism product distribution based on the mobile end depth cooperation.

ring letter by sequoia A + $3 million round of funding

mobile IM “link letter” cloud service providers publish mobile customer service platform SDK, A redwood A + $3 million round of financing. Ring obtain sequoia capital in October 2014 A + round of $3 million in financing, plus 4 monthly salaries in krypton space at the beginning of the 2014 with partners China angel rounds of 5 million yuan, and in August 2014, $5 million series A SIG, ring total funds have reached $10 million.

tiger 240 million yuan financing on sports

tiger flapping sports in A new round of financing, total amount of financing, 240 million a-share companies noble bird involved behind the scenes. Announcement shows that a-share companies involved in setting up noble bird ChengXiang to invest in the establishment of plans to offer springs sheng investment after A loan of RMB 239.16 million.

mobile game in cooperation with millet

China mobile game announced with millet entertainment reached a depth of cooperation. “Gun” is not only adapted millet mobile phone and television adaptation millet, millet, tablet, millet all entertainment hardware terminal box, etc. Besides millet, China mobile game with Letv, iQIYI also determine the relations of cooperation.