Evening: millet acquisition RIGO Design, Google Uber grab each other business

on February 3, hunting cloud network (text/who)

RIGO millet full acquisition Design company Design

RIGO millet company announced full acquisition Design company Design, and to absorb the whole team, RIGO will serve as an independent department of millet, founder robin Design will be as chief designer, and served as head of the department. RIGO is focus on the user experience design company, the Internet industry for many years for many IT companies and mobile Internet companies both at home and abroad, provides the product experience design solutions and commercial value.

Google intends to transfer self-developed car service

, according to people familiar with the Google plans to launch a limousine service, is likely to pose no major threat Uber. Google announced last week that it will provide users with a third party application in Google Now, early partners include application Lyft Pandora, a growing company, median and car, but it does not include your own Uber partners.

Uber to build self-driving cars

A taxi

, according to people familiar with the application of Uber is building robot research laboratory, Pittsburgh plans to build a “automation rental vehicles”. Uber in Pittsburgh laboratory developed the core technology, vehicles and related infrastructure. They have hired a number of employees, and have begun to develop supporting software, including engineering workstations investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a third party, etc.

easy to respond to rumors: tonight is event has nothing to do with the merger announcement

according to today’s outgoing drops and easy to the merger agreement, easy to transport issued an official statement said: “easy to have a affairs announced tonight, not to your hand that fake news, not a few black pr mess up the will to live”. Easy to transport, founder and CEO eay on his personal microblog also denied.

Twitter test new features: recommend related content to the new user

news that Twitter began in a small part of the Android user testing “Instant Timeline” the function. What if Twitter can automatically collect people want to see the information, it is likely to attract new users repeated use of the site, and to better understand the use of the user, thus help to Twitter to speed up the pace.

SONY announced the injection semiconductor unit output image sensor

SONY plans to SONY semiconductor company capital injection in fiscal 2015, expect to increase production equipment used in the product layer model of the CMOS image sensor control and layered manufacturing process, improve production capacity. SONY semiconductor will to restructuring and optimization of production site. SONY plans by the injection, make its will image sensor before June 2016 the overall production capacity of about 33.3%.

eBay and PayPal this week start mass layoffs

eBay mass layoffs announced this week has been launched last month. Reported that on Monday, eBay and PayPal has started to notice to laid off workers. EBay plan in the second half of this year will be split, the core business and PayPal and eBay management at present is narrowing has not yet been carried out large-scale projects.