Evening: millet 420 million in jinshan, micro letter 6.1 can the new found a restaurant nearby

hunting cloud network on January 19 (text/who)

millet technology 420 million in jinshan software

kingsoft released a statement, announced the millet will, through its wholly owned subsidiary company of science and technology, a wholly owned subsidiary from tencent TCH Saffron Limited acquired a 2.98% stake in jinshan software. Based on millet with tencent the share purchase agreement signed on January 16, millet will be the price of hk $14.93 per share, from tencent acquired kingsoft 35298057 shares, accounting for 2.98% of the shares issued for kingsoft, the total amount of hk $527 million (RMB 420 million). The acquisition is expected to be completed before January 30, 2015.

ng financial, accused of guest, Macao company of science and technology, step to throw, the financing for the venue, Boxed

Internet financial services platform “wutong finance” announced that tens of millions of dollars to complete A round A round of funding, this round of financing investors for investment, keeping one letter with direct investment in securities and venture capital letter day. Wutong finance, founder and CEO Chen Ken said that this round of funding will be used in risk control system, IT technology upgrading, product development and customer acquisition, in order to attract talented people to join.

small K smart developers to control the guest socket technology announced that the company has completed 40 million yuan A round of financing, the investor for thick national iot industry guide funds hold capital, the company currently valued at 400 million yuan. Accused of guest, co-founder of science and technology with said that this round of financing funds will be used for new product development and technology upgrade, enhance the user experience and hopes to attract more talents to join.

Australia announced its ten million yuan level A round of investment, the gobi investment is the only investor. The money has been in place, will be used to improve the current services and developing more tourist destination. Australian company in order to solve the overseas destination to eat live play as the goal, to sell fragmentation products, such as tickets, cruise ships, diving, sightseeing plane and hotel + package products for the main business.

budiu intelligent positioning children’s shoes, founder and CEO GanZhiQuan announced A $5 million series A investment, investors for capital A clean. GanZhiQuan says this round of funding as early as the end of September last year has been completed, it is mainly used for budiu research and development of new products and the team’s expansion. Budiu intelligent positioning between GPS module into children’s shoes and comply with the corresponding APP, to keep their children safe.

focus on meeting venue booking O2O mode platform for the venue, announced its 20 million yuan A round of funding, the rice capital and well-known angels Eddie wu joint investment. Tao hall, founder and CEO li said that a new round of funding will be used in company strategic layout, one is rapidly moving in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing, sanya and other meetings popular cities; Second, accelerate the mobile terminal layout, to provide users with more convenient platform services, gradually build perfect conference O2O business closed loop.

the main membership wholesale business of mobile electronic business Boxed announced a $25 million B round of funding. After completing this B round, Boxed plan further to innovation, the traditional pattern of warehouse shopping will be selling big-ticket goods directly to the customers without charge membership fees. The financing by GGV Capital and Digital Sky Technologies, led.

360 compensate sogou 5.1 million yuan

the Beijing second intermediate people’s court of sogou Sue 360 a case of the unfair competition, the first-instance judgment sogou won. Court, 360 security guards hinder sogou browser installed properly, and prevent users will sogou browser set as the default browser behavior constitutes unfair competition, was sentenced to compensate sogou RMB 5.1 million yuan.

the industry with the highest compensation type cases, congratulations to you two got so glorious title of “the most”.

the hutchison whampoa, consider acquiring UK mobile operator O2

li ka-shing’s hutchison whampoa is considering acquisitions telefonica O2 wireless subsidiary in the UK, hoping to expand the European market. Hutchison whampoa, the other choice will also include the company’s mobile division in Italy a merger with local competitors. Britain’s plans at present in the early, in the short term will not strike a bargain. Hutchison whampoa, the highest possible bid 9 billion pounds ($13.6 billion) to buy the UK O2.

legend or listed in the second half of this year Hong Kong

the news that the legend will be listed in Hong Kong in the second half of this year, raising $2 billion to $3 billion. It is reported, legend holdings is contact with several brokerages, including cicc and ubs. Mr Liu has said, legend holdings listed two years later, if the company in a smooth, he will retire completely.

blocks box sign strategic cooperation agreement with big search vehicle

Internet financial platform building blocks and O2O second-hand car trading platform by big search box car, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, lego box will be big search vehicle used car dealers, upstream of the recommended offer short-term stock financing services. According to the agreement, the big search vehicle recommend lego box its stable relations of cooperation as the main financing used-car dealer; Dealers to sell vehicles must pass after the big search vehicle access and complete the test in perfect condition, stored in large search has its own warehouse to wait after, can online finance.

meizu will push MX4 international edition

the news that the meizu MX4 international edition, code-named “Superme”, will be developed by nokia equipment, optimization of technology and patent, and has a bright spot on the back of the design, the future will provide powder, silver, light blue, lime green, pink is green and champagne gold and so on six kinds of color choice. In the CPU and GPU are improved, the ISP will change too.

micro letter online version 6.1 can search a nearby restaurant

WeChat launched version 6.1, there are three major update function, can through the attachment column send WeChat messages red envelopes, change custom expression is not lost when the mobile phone, and you can search the content of the circle of friends and a nearby restaurant. The new WeChat ascension revealed on search function O2O markets for its further mining.

IT technology community CSDN launch online recruitment services

the nation’s largest IT technology community CSDN will launch online recruitment services CSDN JOB, free engineers provide recruitment services for the community IT. The CSDN users will use the method based on large data analysis skills, realize the user’s label, to help enterprises and users to achieve the best matching position.

godel published indoor navigation map

godel published Scott indoor map version, to provide users with mainland figure, indoor positioning, building indoor route planning, etc. It is understood that in addition to the release of indoor map showing interior architecture, also can appear shops, such as the bathroom, ATM interior details.