Evening: membership for financing, such as electric business Jet, 360 mobile phones don’t play the futures

hunting cloud network February 12 (text/who)

Jet, the financing Sigfox, Fancy

membership electricity Jet has not been launched and $140 million. Bain Capital investment. After this round of financing, the Jet valuation has amounted to $600 million. In return for members, Jet said its website price will cheaper than any other electricity 10% – 15%, namely the Jet profit mainly comes from membership fee instead of every transaction commission.

Sigfox won $115 million in VC investment. Sigfox attack mainly make low consumption, low cost of wireless Internet of private network. This round of investment will be used in the Internet of things devices connected to the wireless network on a global scale expansion and development. Sigfox’s chief executive, said the money will help the company cooperate with other partners, and with more connected equipment.

social electricity Fancy complete D round about twenty million dollars. it is a platform for users to share, to buy their favorite goods. Investors including Carlos Slim, the son of Mexican businessman Domit, as well as the main, the CCC order of Japan’s largest video store chain. This round of funding will be mainly used for building technology platform and strategic cooperation.

Twitter3000 thousands of dollars to buy startups Niche

social networking site Twitter today announced the acquisition of Niche a startup, but Twitter did not disclose the specific price, sources said the price at around $30 million. Niche in the past have been used as Twitter and short video services Vine direct link, provides the technical support and cross-platform analysis service, will they establish the contact with worldwide brands.

360 mobile phones don’t play the futures ious

Zhou Hongyi will become 360 the joint venture company CEO, cool cool Guo Deying group chairman, chairman of the joint venture. New company detailed architecture to stay after the Spring Festival after the team official in 360. Zhou by teasing millet, also don’t do futures suggest that 360 mobile phones, no promises.

UK startup driverless cars on the road test

the British government officially launched in the UK the self-driving car test plan, the British will test the total four driverless cars, at the same time, for the future traffic regulatory changes for a rainy day. It is reported that the British government will provide about $29 million for capital unmanned test plan.

android watch global shipments last year only 720000

science and technology, market research firm Canalys reported last year, manufacturers around the world were delivered 720000 only wear devices based on android. Canalys said that last year based on the android wear equipment deliveries for 720000, while the total deliveries of intelligent dressing equipment for 4.6 million only. Of course it’s only shipments, not sales.