Evening: iPhone6s was spread into what kind, APUS was awarded the financing

hunting cloud network on January 16 (text/who)

iPhone6s was spread into what the

the news that the next iPhone will introduce Apple Watch compulsory touch technology, upgrade to 2 gb memory capacity will be, and will use a faster LPDDR 4 memory, is expected to be made by samsung, hynix, micron, elpida supply manufacturers, etc. And news cameras will rise to 20 million pixels.

over the years, people always fuck broken heart for the next generation of apple products, mother than mother powder powder. Wait until after released, is estimated to know oneself is glass heart. Hunting cloud network don’t make any comments.

ali cloud confirm to cooperate with 12306

ali cloud in response to “12306 has been adopted ali cloud solution”, said the two sides have indeed reached a cooperation, specific details still need to learn more about to publish. At the beginning of 2014 both teams have started to discuss how to put more ticket query system in the cloud. During the National Day golden week was tested, the effect is very satisfied. In the peak travel ticket, 12306 will eventually switch to more than 75% of the ticket query business ali cloud.

home feel assured, didn’t buy a ticket home friends to pay close attention to.

APUS, Augmedix, the financing Beepi

android user system developers APUS announced over $100 million in financing, by becoming, SIG of venture capital fund and qiming, A round of aurora borealis venture investors and red dot investment continue to follow up. In addition, the light source of capital for APUS this round of financing the sole financial advisor.

Augmedix just received from angel investors $16 million investment, plus the $7.3 million in June, so its a total of more than $23 million in venture capital. Its investors including Emergence Capital and DCM Ventures, etc. It will use the financing expand operations, to speed up the product research and development, build new partnerships.

the used car sales website Beepi announced $12.7 million in silicon valley, said the creation of less than a year of the firm had raised to $80 million, more than $200 million valuation. Beepi mobile app is in development, in the first half of this year will launch the IOS and android mobile phone application.

baidu development supercomputer

baidu said, the computer vision system that is developing the world’s most accurate Deep Image. The system run in deep learning algorithm to optimize a supercomputer. Baidu said the Imange.net object recognition score, the system error rate is only 5.98%. Minwa baidu development is to solve and Deep Image algorithm related problem. Minwa built-in 6.9 terabytes of main memory, 1.7 terabytes of memory, and in theory the highest performance of about 0.6 quadrillion floating point arithmetic.

Google will offer low interest loans service

Google says it will provide Google enterprise software distributor low-interest loans. Purpose is to help dealers business development, so as to promote the development of Google’s own business. Google will work with Lending Club is to carry out the loan project. By Lending Club platform, individuals and businesses can get loans by other individuals. Through the review of enterprises will be able to obtain a two-year loan of $600000. Loan enterprises only need to pay interest on the first year, all mortgage payment will be by Lending Club platform.

Microsoft started the company in mainland China market update denim

Microsoft announced that the company updated denim officially launched. In mainland China market, Windows 8 and 8.1 version of the company mobile phone in the next few weeks, will receive update alert. It is understood that the company Denim is a blend of Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade function, Cortana, the company special experience of smart phones. The company Denim to update the camera application, but also on the lock screen information deep integration, including the weather, health, finance, bing services, as well as the time, date, remind, application data, etc.