Evening: 51 credit card such as financing, South Korea will investigate apple, Google

cloud network hunting on Feb. 4 (text/who)

credit CARDS, travel, swim heart flash bell won 51 financing

credit card to complete 51 $50 million B round of funding. led GGV capital, company valuation of nearly $300 million. After this round of financing, will continue to strengthen the depth of the user behavior and demand analysis, through online credit assessment, online identity, and online fraud, data from a variety of dynamic behavior for the risk control of the users to create large data model.

swim heart travel by tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding. $100 million valuation, investors for kic Partners (Chesapeake Investment Partners, KIP), merrill lynch holdings and Investment thunis pleasant journey. Swim travel heart is main in the high-end crowd custom platform.

bell 5 million angel round investment. Flash bell similar “video” version of the “ring”, is aimed at “90 after”, “call each moment” as application scenario, the fragmentation of answering the phone call and time, bring a richer experience of short video for the user, the main “instant pleasure” after 90’s entertainment needs.

South Korea will investigate apple, Google unfair competition

the Korean fair trade commission (FTC) will form a team this year, for a company such as apple and Google, whether the use of smartphone dominance for domestic manufacturers constitutes unfair competition and interests damage, and will be an investigation. In addition to the mobile operating system, the south Korean government survey of another content is the unfair competition of the social network service.

netease cloud music response blocked

in view of the “kill netease micro envelope cloud music sharing interface”, netease cloud music has carried on the response, said it’s not a good reason to complain about, after all, it is their territory. Don’t blame WeChat, this is what they should do. Not afraid to say goodbye, I wait for you in netease cloud music. Blessing, and because of supercilious, not necessarily don’t feel inferior.

Twitter to build research and development center in India

Twitter is planning to start research and design center in bangalore, India. Last month, Twitter for about $40 million to buy the mobile business company ZipDial in bangalore. Twitter plans to ZipDial team as the basis of the research and development center in India.

SONY announced fiscal 2014 third quarter earnings

SONY announced that due to the compression cost, combined with the image sensor and PlayStation promoted in the third quarter sales of higher than expected profit, so the company 2014 net loss for the fiscal year may be better than the previous expectations. SONY’s preliminary results showed that the company in October to December quarter operating profit doubled to 178.3 billion yen, revenue growth of 6%, to 2.56 trillion yen.