Environmental forces style, coffee, assembling the net social security cuts hoping to improve enterprise human resources service from bottom to top

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

in thousands of years ago in the spring and autumn warring states period, the warlord infighting, seven male five bully change continuously, the people status as light as a feather, witnessed the devastation that mencius put forward “the people of your country times, jun for light” the wake of the constant, is the state of this at the bottom of the people. Also for a collective from the underlying concern to upper level, the collective will be thriving, personnel is also facing the dilemma of modern enterprises, human resources are from top to bottom layer upon layer controls the , low-level employees will feel very serious inflexible, assembling network selection from the staff level to redefine human resources from bottom to top , hope to be able to make: “employees are more comfortable, HR more worry, the boss more at ease.”

under the modern colorful Internet information age, when it comes to human resources management services, a lot of people think this is a development space is not big, bad prospects of traditional industry, even the pain points, “recruiting” has also been a frenzy of start-ups crazily, but has three times of entrepreneurial experience, understand human resources service network CEO guo wei looks ills assembling is not the case.

Zenefits mode for reference, have a love of human resources services


the United States is a company founded less than two years, mainly to help small and medium-sized enterprise salary management, health care, social security and other issues, hoping to these takes weeks, extremely cumbersome process, into just a few minutes can solve the things on the web page, it has become 2014 valuation of the fastest growing start-ups. Assembling net is social security problems from the current small and medium-sized enterprises, relying on cloud + SaaS mode, make enterprise can through unified entrance, anytime and anywhere for recruitment, induction, social security, birthdays, holidays, SiLing, training, diversified welfare procurement and distribution, circle of communication, such as one-stop human resource management services online. Reference Zenefits be programmed, standardized service, reduce the waste of offline operation and follow-up and feedback, the specialist is responsible for the unified data, solve the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) pain points. Guo wei told hunting cloud network: “although we borrowed Zenefits mode, but also joined the Chinese characteristics, the fusion innovation.”

assembling network human resources service platform at the same time, for both businesses and consumers can develop the corresponding service system, for example, enterprise interview, for example, the traditional interview is upload issued and inform effort, control is not strong , assembling is such services: in the first place in the enterprise to obtain assembling network service platform, determine the interview process for assembling the net; And then assembling network will send notice to HR and job seekers, corresponding to job seekers have a detailed description of how to get the interview place, can have automatic positioning system to HR to view real-time location of the applicant in order to arrange the interview; Of course also includes some guidance, for job seekers here, there will be a description and post to HR will have a resume and job seekers in detail. “we this is equivalent to developed a humanized management system, improve human resources service from bottom to top, for employees will feel they have a lot of love, is willing to stay, for enterprise also worry, this is also our pursuit of the idea, let user can feel the atmosphere of love.” , said guo wei.

social security system from the enterprise, to build barriers to

the traditional service mode of human resource company is “people-oriented”, usually by a dedicated customer service docking HR customers, and through the mail, form for docking and services, in the form of the traditional personnel outsourcing service mode referred to as the “paper”, the accuracy of the data and service ability of professional degree depends on the business customer service itself. Assembling is through online service process, the traditional “manual bill” process through professional online program, service integration, let hr real-time view the conduction process, and can be done through the website process information of the documented risk, reduce service error. The current service charge 9.9 yuan/person/month.

assembling nets through into enterprise social security issues, with a B2B + O2O mode to build barriers, each different area social security system, founding team around 2700 at or above the county level cities in China, social security apart into 104, and set up their own service team and system, set up in local service providers to cooperate. many traditional human resource service is the service of social security as a agent to operation of social security, and network management of social security, assembling in pay, declaration, for the record, submit an expense account to perform the entire process. is the first issue of social security is a very strong user viscosity, won’t break easily, don’t worry about the loss of users, after obtaining b end user (enterprise), through the enterprise human resources recruitment, induction, such as social security service system can easily get a lot of C end users (consumers). Assembling network online social security currently covering the country’s hundreds of ginseng and service providers, reduce the waste of offline operation and follow-up and feedback, to achieve customer tripartite linkage, platform, service provider, someone who’s in charge of the same data.

three major human resource service system, hope to make the HR more simple

assembling now provides services to members provide three major parts, respectively is “assembling small honey” online management platform, assembling tao tao elastic welfare mall and chat “assembling” circle group of community, specialized services to small and medium-sized enterprise, guo wei told hunting cloud network: “now has assembling network of services, 1200 companies, and keep 50% growth, a week in April users as March 6 times.”

one “assembling small honey” online management platform is 100% online services, provide recruitment, induction, contract, holidays and other services are all can be done online, make enterprise management or HR from tedious transactional work, realize the standardization, humanization management. “Assembling tao tao” welfare procurement is an online mall, enterprises no longer bound by offline different welfare procurement platform, let the welfare procurement in high efficiency, low cost and more humanization. for “assembling a chat community,” said guo wei to upgrade now, the future may be improved to become a human resource repository .

when it comes to the development of the company’s future, guo wei told hunting cloud network: “we are currently in the main improvement of products, the future will consider to open a branch in a big city a lot of talent input. our location is changing the whole human resource service of logical thinking, develop human resources products from bottom to top , although everyone says now in forefront period, but I don’t think so, we have to do is the best human resources services company.”

Internet companies, but like a cafe office environment

when you come into assembling network of the company, you won’t see a spacious office, but you can see like cafe office environment; You won’t see the bright lights, the cafe style of quietly elegant is visible light. “You may think we decorate is very expensive, actually otherwise, we are filled with the original wood, the floor is very cheap, the office space is an imitation of diffuse coffee style” guo wei smiled and continued: “the environment is to give our employees a sweet love environment, inside is very comfortable, the office is very comfortable.”

but in addition to the cafe of office environment, hunting cloud network in an interview, also found an interesting phenomenon: assembling the net on the flag of branch will write “XX theater”, “hangzhou theater” “war zone” in shenzhen, for example, this theater culture is the result of guo wei forces plot, guo wei, said his youthful by the influence of culture, and now the company marketing system’s theater form, but we are all forces up inspiring culture , such as the weekly theatre “alert” contrast can let them have more motivation to catch up, rather than using force management mode. Currently assembling network core team from Internet companies such as alibaba, Fesco and from professional enterprise human resources management.

about products and companies, the article has introduced many. The end of the interview guo wei to share his entrepreneurial experience. “Only love and trust not worthy!” The word trust in the start-up phase is very important, just like two people back to back, let a person very safely. And although love this word meaning is very wide, but is always a warm words. Human resources service, too, we do hope service is also a kind of love, it will pass.