Entrepreneurship is not so difficult: four small success of the project

cloud network hunting note : we’ve been hearing voices are playing “big”, but how many people will pay attention to little things in life. Manual sharpener, travel photographer, cleaning up dog poop, all of these in the eyes of ordinary people isn’t worth mentioning the small things in some people’s hands into business opportunities. When everybody focus Yu Yiming amazing, you should set out from the opposite direction, pay attention to the details in life.

for an entrepreneur, to be successful, first of all have to be full of passion. Without passion, most entrepreneurs are unable to continue to pursue their own ideas, no energy has been towards your goal.

when we speak of “success”, we are not talking about the rule the world. As an entrepreneur is the most important is figuring out what success means to you. But we are often told to think big. This concept is deeply rooted in our everyday language even: “play big or go home.”

but it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue the little stimulation. The real entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of existing resources to make a profit. In addition to this we have no reason to laugh at any idea, because many look ridiculous idea ended up in the first place to become a successful way to make money.

in order to make everyone a surge of mean flow, at the same time inspire you heart. We plan the following start small final success example for everyone to learn.

manual sharpener

David reis, a from sharpening pencils to find the road to success. Only $40, you can send your dull pencils to, then he can use a tool, make a good pencil shavings and debris, all returned back to you.

he must know his idea looks is absurd. In his he answered one of the most serious problems that mentioned: “this is a joke?” But in fact this is not a joke. Because he not only has a high demand on work (usually he would take six to eight weeks to complete an order), at the same time he also out of a book, filmed a related theme documentary film the national geographic magazine.

but why would he so well may be attributed to his enthusiasm for the craft. When you watch him that a small video about cutting pencil, you can see he is not in a perfunctory us, but extremely serious about this business and have unlimited love.

junk sculpture

when a colleague and his debate about the importance of packaging design, Justin Gignac use practical actions to prove their point of view is wrong. He picked up a everyone would not want to waste, to pack it into a everyone rushed to buy items.

this is in 2001. And now he was sold to all over the world, many organizations have asked him to turn their garbage into a work of art.

when you see Gignac works, maybe you will know why he was able to sell for 50 to 100 dollars each cube. He is not just put the rubbish into a cube, and then on wild speculations, but will be reasonable arrangement of the rubbish that can expand its story. Each cube into a work of art.

those who works in one of the most worthy of collection is the first day of New York legalized gay marriage in the garbage collected. Eight color bar with beads, blowing bubbles, feathers, there are some other items of celebration is housed in a cube. Each garbage in there alone may only be garbage, but put them together, but represents the mood of that special day.

Exclusive travel photographer

travel generally those pictures are in a big mess, because when you take, is your skin rather than the a memorable moment. And former Microsoft employees are nicole Smith and her friends travel around Paris also happens to meet the same situation.

fortunately, another person to join their travel team, with a miniature camera to capture the beautiful moment. Smith like these pictures very much, she immediately went home search the relevant information about the travel photographer.

“I can see these in New York and Paris travel photographer, but they have not formed systematic, no one can connect the customer service platform and photographer.” Smith told the huffington post in an interview.

in order to let visitors can better contact these photographers, she founded, hope these tourists can have a good and unforgettable experience abroad. Flytographer staff will be on your destination and you contact, in order to make sure you get the photo than you other photos on Facebook information flow more give prize. And now such a lavish personal experience only $250.

SCOOBY dog little helper

“raises a dog really is too comfortable! “But when you need to shovels shit, you may not think so. The operation mode of the Scooby is simple: they are cleaning up dog feces. The company consists of two saw the clean dog feces college students to establish this market opportunity, and the team behind the Scooby company has been engaged in the 23 years of related work.

after the visit their website home page, it is easy to see their service is not as easy as it seems. They can more than shoveling shit out, also can provide the family with household chores. Scooby team also allow the disabled to attend the activities that they’re hard to do in real life to achieve the experience of planting and raising dogs. They will not only clean the dog feces, also hopes to promote interpersonal relationships, and improve their quality of life.

one man’s success shows that these people are likely to become entrepreneurs. Do you remember the Chia Pet, Pet Rock, Pet Rock? These ordinary people won’t care about small business opportunities, but they will be turned out to be worth millions of big business.

when your thought is by passion as a driving force, even if everything is very difficult, you should also continue to adhere to, they will eventually succeed. At this point, your passion is to get you through reason to continue to adhere to. If you put your behavior as a crazy, then you just need peace of mind to receive this you have succeeded in reality.