Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with education: overlord class four years Read through the ivy

cloud network hunting note: at no cost to read through the north American universities, have you ever heard of? Feral king Guillaume Dumas with hands-on practice proves it is feasible dalai ! degree high enough to upset? Somebody else also didn’t get the degree: oh, look at is how successful it !

from 2008 to 2012, 28, Guillaume Dumas read all over North America’s top universities, Stanford university, Yale university, brown university, university of California, Berkeley, McGill university and the university of British Columbia, and so on, but he was not the university student, but feral, because he was not registered at all. Then he opened the online dating business in Montreal, business has been a success.

feral four years, the young man from Quebec, Canada from one university to another university, free feral also attend the seminar, a lively debate interaction with professor. Sometimes he would tell people he is consumedly square square to feral, but most of the time for fear of unnecessary troubles, he have his mouth shut. Inevitable in the process of feral should first solve the problem of living, so he got a part-time job in the cafe, occasionally accept list, people write papers. He is often live in a co-op or other cheap family of students, but in brown university feral, silver is not enough, so he directly holding the sleeping bags on the roof, it’s a camping. When the four years of wandering his students, and ultimately did not get a degree.

too vexed, I don’t know why have no money to pay tuition will be locked out of college, what is going on? Share knowledge and ideas should be selfless!

Guillaume Dumas

this is a crazy adventure, identity exposure might be thrown out, learn the also don’t get the degree, but for Dumas, this also is a kind of political statement, in order to communicate their ideas to the society. “I think it is an act of political protest,” he is a Canadian accents in the French said: “too annoyed, I don’t know why have no money to pay tuition will be locked out of college, what is going on? Knowledge and ideas should not be unselfish sharing!” Him in and out of the top school, but didn’t get any degree certificates issued by the school, it is also a kind of experiment, he wants to know the success of these school graduates, what play a role. The ivy league graduates can stand to the top of the from all walks of life, because the paper diploma? Or because they has been strong in school network? If a college degree is just a piece of expensive ticket, it can smoothly enter the McKinsey, J.P. Morgan chase (J.P. Morgan) is the world’s top companies, so students will also care about what you actually learned in the classroom?

although say now Dumas is the critic of higher education system, but he began to go to north American university feral just because it’s so fun. At the beginning of his parents and even don’t want him to go to college, the parents are graduated from high school to work, eventually become small business owners. He said: “my mother always thought that I should go to when the butcher, her friend’s son to butcher apprentice, looked to earn a lot. The father wants me to stay in the countryside, in Quebec as a woodcutter.” Glad he didn’t listen to his father’s advice, because Canadian forestry in recent years has been in decline.

then Dumas eventually applied to Montreal, Canada, la salle college entrance and success. He recalls: “I like the others, also entered the university at the age of 18, when I take it for granted that college, I have to go to.” But the same like other college students under the age of 18, entered the university, he began fidgeting, he wasn’t sure what kind of life he wanted. Worse, he chose difficult attacks uncertainty should be major in what subjects, he like psychology, but also like to physics and philosophy. Tuition assistance and Canada is not full, so he should pay $4000 a year tuition, although this compared to the tuition, is dwarfed, but he still think it is too waste (he is not a person, the godfather of silicon valley venture, Peter Thiel was thinking). Lasalle college drop out of school, so he start in near McGill university classes. He said: “in McGill university to the curriculum and then mix in a class of what is not too easy, so I just want to, or try to go to other university.”

Dumas started saved up money to travel around the United States, rub all over North America coasts university: Yale university, brown university, university of Berkeley and Stanford, scampering everywhere. He not only interested in their studies, but social particularly keen on campus. He said: “I am a man of a particularly good at communication, affinity, so often I was invited to the party. Everyone thought I was the other other classmates, I more or less change in life.”

in addition to tuition fees, there is another reason why the idea of feral inspired Dumas dropping out of school. He was Frank w., Neil fans (Frank Abagnale, Jr.). Frank w., Neil is a genius thieves in the 1960 s, he pretend to be at least eight different professional people: the pilot, a pediatrician, the United States federal agents, lawyers, etc., by various means swindled millions of dollars. Leonardo dicaprio at large (Catch Me If You Can) is to regard him as the prototype, based on his legendary experience. Film two years later, Dumas entered the university. Dumas had dropped out of the idea of feral, he was fascinated by the possibility of a better, he walked in different college campuses, into the “students”, perfect to play the role of students. Guarantee schemes for him not to be torn down has become a game. In the process, he has accumulated a lot of little experience, for example, he will show up when I was at the start of the semester, it is not easy to suspect, midway again run past was caught easily. And he thinks that best completes the secrecy work, don’t tell someone you haven’t registered, come to feral, because you couldn’t sure how they will sympathize with you, or would exclude you, hostile to you. A bit, Dumas was very surprised, all people of insider, it happened that is socialism, a professor of history at the university of California, Berkeley after found his identity, untimely, rather than thrown him out.

but Dumas don’t feel regret, he learned a lot, even if not get a degree, but the degree of what career does not have any influence on him, because he has his own business, so, he became calm.

Harvard, naturally Harvard

a lot of work required degree, but there are also many doesnt care

but Dumas does not suggest that people are following him: “I also have to admit, is not who is fit for me.” A, a lot of professional degree card dead line, take professional degree can wash to go to bed, such as a doctor or a lawyer. But Dumas still think society overstated the value of a degree, in fact, now there are a lot of industry value personal value output. Especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers and science and technology workers, the spell was born not spell power, as long as you can create value, who CARES if you have a diploma? “Dropped out look big alligator of science and technology, numerous similar cases, Steve jobs, Bill Gates and mark zuckerberg, everyone must have these people e.g.” He said: “those who want to become entrepreneurs, developers if entangled degree problem, also can let a person feel incredible.”

those who want to become entrepreneurs, developers , entrepreneurs to if people still entangled degree problem, can let a person feel incredible.

degree is often more important, for big companies to large enterprise human resources department on the basis of set a threshold, to wade through the resumes. But with the development of economy, more and more people took to the free career path, people start their own businesses, provide services directly, for instance the plane design, and private consultant, writer, etc. Today, 34% of American workers are self-employed, and by 2020, that number is expected to reach 40%. Given the staggering cost of receiving higher education takes, Dumas thinks on the degree to hit so much money, not worth it.

when it comes to costs, Dumas, points out that the American university tuition and fees have risen 1120% since 1978, is four times the rate of inflation. Expected to wait until 2018, private universities use the could rise to $334000, the average annual tuition and fees. At the same time, the university graduates to find a job is difficult. Dumas school that year, unusually severe economic recession, regardless of successive or fresh graduates, faced with the severe employment situation, as soon as she graduated many one is unemployed, underemployed, underemployed around, many people even can’t find a job. When four years on, this problem not only did not improve, but worse. In 2008, more than 35% of college graduates unemployment, and by mid – 2013, this figure had risen to 44%.

partners is not money to buy, friendship is priceless

elite schools are able to wild speculations, may be one reason why provides a platform for the student, the global elite together, each other can build up a strong alumni network. These intelligent, ambitious students are likely to become leaders from all walks of life. Dumas had such a network, but he thinks not spend money can get such network. He spent time in the classroom and the campus party, between groups called partners. Talking to people, he will show good side, both funny and considerate, let everyone think this man can. So he successfully established their own circle of friends, this is he got a precious wealth, benefit greatly from his life. Dumas believe that anyone can and smart people get to know and establish lifelong relationship, even if the environment is not in the school campus. You have to do is get out and participate in various social circles, academic conferences, lectures, and even hit the bar, and resistance to spend some time to make friends. After all, college students are easier to make friends, is a large part of the reason why they have to go to the social, because this is the first time they have left the door to a strange place. This reason, outside the university, also applies to a lot of people fled to come out to travel, they also have to make new friends.

today’s online education: education system ashamed after save

Dumas like to stay in the classroom, peruse philosophy, literature, professor and students even talk from time to time. “Cultural atmosphere of the university, no place can compare with” he said, “can come into contact with all sorts of people of different professional, different ideas, for me is a precious spiritual wealth.”

but for Dumas, this kind of experience is more and more high. Because today, only rich people or people will owe a debt to pay tuition can enter academic halls. While in school everywhere feral this approach may not be for everyone, but Dumas said that wants to be free to experience college culture, still there are a lot of ways. For example, he suggested to participate in free and open to the public university lectures, participate in the dialogue and debate. He believes that anyone can of opinions of our time. He and his three friends set up a think tank, named Logomachy, where they hammered out solving social problems.

in Dumas’s view, the school of experience is quite important, so when the EdX and Coursera while waiting for the application to launch free online courses, he wasn’t very excited. “I think this is just at the university of marketing strategy,” Dumas said: “the university students to the successive charge high fees, they are guilty, so want to through this way to sin, to clean up their dirty soul. But anyway, but some experience, only in the real classroom experience, this is the online course can never bring us.”