Entrepreneurship can’t be rough, “old fox” founder form diary

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cloud network hunting note: have you ever met “old fox” on the court? They may seemingly mundane, technology didn’t also hello, but better control key details, his superiority. The market there are such attention to detail “old fox”. Let’s take a look, which entrepreneurs should pay attention to small details to succeed?

if you have ever been in which American ymca participated in the basketball game, you are familiar with some opponents will: those who experienced the “old fox”.

“old fox” run is not fast; Jump is not high; Technology is also not level. He (and possibly she may wear a red glasses, wearing sweat pants. But don’t know why, “the old fox” will play a key role in the game, his ACTS for the group of armed to the teeth of the young people in their 20 s, Bob how all don’t understand why you lost.

this is precisely why? The reason is simple: “old fox” after the battle-hardened already mastered the trick of do a good job in detail.

they know that detail decides everything, and, more importantly, how they know which details can cause the change. Think about effective tactics: they shall not defense the hook shot, when you are shooting intentionally block your view with the hand, intentional on your back with sweat arm top you.

famous UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, “the small details can decide life and death. Those small things may seem small, but can do great things.” John Wooden himself is synonymous with “old fox”.

entrepreneurship in the early stage, though there are “focus on all things” means: you have to find a real problem to solve, to determine which solution would anyone buy, funding or even invented a product or service. Because it doesn’t matter if you solve the problem is even simply does not exist, or no one is willing to buy your product, or to participate in the user in rapid erosion, that have nothing to say.

the expansion phase, when you understand basic risk (hope this time you already know), and you have the resources, time and energy to deal with some potential risks, the humble little detail before it will become very important.

the cornerstone of the small details may not be a big company, but they will certainly increase the business chance of success, to help you at crucial moments huaxianweiyi.

in fact, called the “small details” may not be very appropriate. The more appropriate way of saying it should be “boring”.

the company during the expansion phase of the entrepreneurs should double check the drab little detail. Can they really help you make great big things.

below is a list about the “small details”, although not completely:

learn to do a “miser”

almost all entrepreneurs understand that money is god, but for most people, the meaning of this sentence is: do not spend money, have to spend on the blade. But the veteran financing way will never stay at this level. For them, this has become a state of mind. At the beginning of the company’s life cycle, they will strive to advance, to find a person effectively advance payment collection work, so they don’t have advance payment to the supplier. Do you remember? “The old fox” always when you play with his arms behind you. These small efforts accumulate together, will promote the COINS circulation, to grow a lot of investment in the company.

implement performance management system

wants to ensure that the company can retain the best talent, expelled from useless person, there is only one way: clear objectives and tasks of the employees (OKR system, for example) and set up strict performance review system. This is the so-called performance management system. Unfortunately too many companies spend too much time to build a complete system, all be missed opportunities.

the biggest advantages of performance management system can be emphasized as a result, manage order to give objective feedback, to help managers to manage the company. And that it can ensure fair. “Old fox” understand, if there is no such a management system, be it gives someone a promotion or sack is too arbitrary.

weeds to keep clear of in time

although say “hire more people be careful driving to seem” such advice is well known, but a positive growth phase of the company may be difficult to do this. A growing company hire must be quickly, because it is expanding to cope with customer demand, need plenty of staff to ensure that the company’s turnover and more profit. In reality, in addition to this, there is a troubling fact is hiring is very difficult. As a result, mistakenly fired employees is also hard to avoid. But for a company that truly deadly not because mistakes stagger with one or two employees, but the people of the useless to remain in the company. A company operating well if used the wrong man, the head will be coming through as soon as possible to let him (her). “Old fox” know that this is the company and was hired the wrong people good choice of both parties.

principle of development and operation must be

in the beginning, the hacker type of thinking is good, fast delivery, learn faster. How to learn? Put everything away in front of customers and users directly, and learn lessons from their response. The so-called entrepreneurship is a race against time, method by the way, do you use to do business is fast, also avoid premature funds run out of dilemma.

the biggest advantage of this method is fast, flexible strain. But if there is no principle, these advantages are soon run out, make your business development is slow and inflexible. In the process of development and operation, technical debt and the lack of communication will lead to unplanned work, not enough system resources to use, and some of the emergency. That is why the “old fox” will then value principle.

Real starting of

recruit employees is the first step, but if it is not the couple do any training or introduction, just inform him to come to work, but this doesn’t work. If you want to inspire the morale of the new employees, only pass one of them a MacBook and a box of small cake as a welcome but not enough. Every new employees every month take up business costs $5000 to $25000, so every week, a newcomer will become inefficient waste valuable resources of the culprit.

you can’t expect new employee will work came in. They need thoughtful orientation program, let them know the company, product, market, and their colleagues. They also receive training, learn all the necessary skills, improve production efficiency. These plans will not only let the couple is more efficient, but also can make them more energetic. “Old fox” absolutely not to throw the ball to a newcomer, what all don’t understand then yelling at him: “you give me a Duke team that dynamic attack”, he would have to introduce their own players to the couple, explain to them what motion offense.

“clean” data must attach importance to

in the growth period, entrepreneurs, the execution and investors are eager to focus on the key financial and KPI performance related data. May be at an early stage, the company may not always attaches importance to the long-term data is effective and clean, but in fact this is the most important thing. The worst is that there is no there is no reliable data on key indicators.

potential investors, accounting and auditing staff members of the board of directors, nine times out of ten will ask you these questions: “why compared to last year MQL (market potential trading opportunities) index fell?” , “what is the amount of the new customer discounts?” If you answer “this group of data is not the same type is” or “we don’t have available data”, it would be wrong. The point is, as a practitioner, you is a headless fly at the moment.

if a system in the establishment and operation neglect report and review of the KPI performance, just hope employees can communicate privately to solve the problem, then the performance measurement will become a company of a nightmare. The company’s business will also therefore become dull and ignorant. That is why the “old fox” will select the really good staff in the data cleaning and system integration company.

to ensure data security

the benefits of working in a start-up company is one of the whole company and equally open access system. Both veteran and new people can come into contact with the company’s business almost all components and the content of the initial data, such as all employees can get the client and the client’s email address. But it also means that the company safety is a major hidden dangers, regardless of the reason for this is malicious or negligence. This risk would be a disgrace to the company’s reputation, not only more means that the company’s security will be very difficult.

do you know what will destroy your business work? You don’t need disgruntled employees to sabotage, which employee accidentally send a letter as long as wrong emails to all clients and customers will be enough. Or worse, you under which employees to download user information and inadvertently caused the fishing event.

“old fox” before the game will prepare movement, in case the injured in the game. Don’t let your staff put the customer’s original data download to their computers. You need to do preventive measures, such as email address into the code, so as to prevent phishing incidents. “Old fox” will seriously system access and password to share.

remember to pay the tax

entrepreneurs to one common mistake is to forget the arrival of Mr Collector. Such as entrepreneurs often in to the principal charge is just forget about their obligations to pay taxes. Unfortunately, whether your company is a B2B or B2C, may you have the obligation to pay sales tax.

“old fox” the most don’t like Mr Tax agent, but they always keep in mind his presence. This is very important, because the startup, the scale expansion phase, no matter you are intentional or not, the evasion will become a very serious problem. State and federal agencies, but won’t let you go because you’re a start-up company.

learning to say no

when you start business, you will find that the land is opportunity. Opportunities have greatly small, launch new products, adding new features, to raise more capital, the establishment of strategic partnership… But also may be like “old fox”, says: “a” dead end, I can’t go anywhere.

“old fox” appreciation of entrepreneurial dynamism, appreciate their positive attitude and male-male ambitions, but they also know the so-called positive attitude must mean to get resources from other sources.

time and human resources is just as precious and financial capital. This is not to say that do anything to get feedback, but also spent time and human resources, to do it to receive the risk-adjusted returns than the other is the best.

through your investors

everyone know to keep the strategic point of view, the new investors to focus on the dynamic current investors. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull