Entrepreneurs should how to avoid falling into a “successful trap & quot;

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the first social network cause open coffin autopsy

as early as the beginning of the 20th century, the world’s first had online social network. The abnormal after successful product launch, but not long after, it was closed. No, said of course not Myspace and Facebook. Here is the Orkut.” Orkut? “, maybe you will ask “where is this monster (holy)? “.

Orkut was a name in Google engineers in the field of social aspects of a try. Google think this social networking thing business models and their success equation is not consistent, so it will be closed.

after all, Google since developed a super search algorithm, all the way through, will be a lot of other search engines are beating the next. So, this is decided by individual rather than the algorithm a thing of the popularity of so-called social network, it is difficult to walk into has unusually successful Google’s watchful eye.

the past success gave blinded the eyes of Google, this is actually a by copying the past rather than create the future with the success of a living example, Google has missed a is the flagship of social networking opportunities.

a lot of people don’t know is, in fact, doing business is often the most dangerous period is a time when you thought has been successful. Because of the feeling of success can paralyze your nerve, make you feel pride in full, fly. Success will make one from passion to secure. It is when you are content with the status quo, your career will have in the beginning of the decline.

when you take it for granted that you have found a successful formula, you are not aware, hidden in the darkness of the enemies are girding, they all the time in preparing for the reversal of your success. They notice you so-called success, they replicate the success of your model, and then they try to on the basis of the model to the next level, do better than you.

so when you open the champagne gloried in preparation for your success and big banquets, entertain the quartet guests, your competitors might have infiltrated them, on the side quietly looked around, wondering which for you to arrange a graveyard.

trap success

you remember how these giant into the collapse of the tomb?

? Once America’s second-largest electronics retailer Circuit City (Circuit City),

? Once world-famous Pan (Pan Am)

? Once America’s second largest bookstore chain Borders books

? Once the DVD rental giant Blockbuster.


here first to your mind is that a word? “Failure”? No, please think about it again.

these are used to be a very successful business. They have been in the heyday of their industry to the definition of back, was once the innovation and the ability to highly fit with customers (Customer Engagement) standard. They used to be how high overhead, outstanding and could only dream of, but in the end, but fails.

do you think their failure is happened overnight? No. The reason why they fail because they have been with them for the success of this initial double inertial wings to glide. They forgot if weak wings, they end up such as folding wing the angel fall from high in heaven on earth. Of course, if the speed is fast enough, more the fall, maybe straight fall in hell.

success will change your mind. It makes you believe that in the future you can continue success. In fact this is not possible, because the trap of success is to make you believe that your past success is can copy can be infinite continuance, so from now on you will no longer go to consider a revolutionary innovation. You will no longer the pursuit of success of hunger, indulge in only on small refinements of the existing products, and at the beginning of the bold exploration innovation has run in opposite directions.

maybe you that success will bring you soar with the wind for a period of time, your customers will still buy it in this period of time. But, in the end, your customers will eventually won’t be the same thing to you have passion, they slowly will be sick of it. Whereas your competition has been constantly self invention, so customers turn to camp time has arrived.

success” and “ withstand the test of success ” is very different. Here refers to success is to enjoy victory fruit, and withstand the test of success is on the basis of success continue to like to chase for the next round of success of paranoia. This is not easy, everyone from the above mentioned, the once enterprise is the flagship of a field failure can see out. Because when you are successful, you will easily get carried away by success.

when you are immersed in the pleasure of victory, the others are busy for breakthrough innovation to try to redefine the industry, can again g-spot poked in customers.

to develop a set of equations is can withstand the test of success, in the most efficient execution of the success of your current equation at the same time, but also to its continued aggressive and attack with suspicion. That is to play the role of creator, both at the same time to play the role of spoilers.

this sounds contradictory, but in fact it is incontrovertible truth on business!

how to break the trap success?

the following according to my personal in business for many years of practice, the experience of fighting, puts forward five crack “trap” success winning principle:

? Principle 1 : ask the right questions. Successful businesses are happy to pursue customer satisfaction. Transformational business is keen on positioning and explore the user didn’t meet the requirements, and any new customer desire. So you need to ask is what your customers think of your products, rather than ask them if they like what aspects of your product.

? Principle 2 : challenge yourself. When you become a way of the first successful personage, your competitors will soon begin to imitate. Then you should not be the sidelines or like rabbits of the tortoise and the hare, nap, but should urge myself to come up with a plan and implementation methods for innovation of existing schemes.

? Principle 3 : when a new market is not great will quickly into new products. When you get success, you are only in the face of market is large enough to dare to revolutionary innovation. But do you really want to make an emerging market growth to cause enough attention, you didn’t go to arrange time to invest? Maybe you should consider well. Wait until the market has been big enough mature enough, you have to gain a foothold in the competition early! You would have lost the first-mover advantage! So, you should do is, while the other doesn’t, or no notice when they punch, quickly occupy the market, kill the opponent in its infancy.

? Principle 4 : invest more resources in terms of innovation. Once you have succeeded, you bear ability failure would have collapsed. You will try to seek a can make the guarantee of success is constant, but forget the fighting experience ever. This is wrong, you should create an innovative team at this time, and give the team allowed the privilege of failure, so that they can create the next great thing.

? Principle 5: embracing failure. In a successful business, rewards and recognition are usually awarded to the winner. But don’t forget, today’s success and victory at the cost of the past failures as. So should not experience of failure and the failure of today and let your employees feel dispute and frustration. Instead, you should change the idea. Empower your employees is bold to try, dare to embrace failure, let they can let go of innovation and reform, so as to found the new world.

the pace of change in today’s world exceptionally fast, use the same style can be in business the chance of playing in the river’s lake partial world-beater hand has ceased to exist.

so here you have to slam the door is handed down from ancient times, the set of with changeless should change the old routine, and need to create a continuous self innovation can withstand the test of the success of the model.

otherwise, if you don’t improve your business to enhance the customer value proposition and customer satisfaction, your competitors will help you to do this, then you wait there, and then shut down.

don’t for your competition too lightly, they’ve been around you, never leave. For example, you are watching this article, chances are you’re competitors also have looked at.

please very careful trap of success! The success of the past is just a symbol, don’t cling to embrace. You should be on the basis of success continue to actively explore the next more success, bring unexpected surprise to your customers, this is the magic weapon in business keep unbeaten golden body forever.