Entrepreneurs said they skip class for three years, opened a company, is it worth it?

the author introduction: juck, heilongjiang university of Chinese medicine orthopedics junior level 2012, primeval hook tips China to travel, to travel, co-founder of youth.

94 strangers, I am 22 this year, the university of reading.

home in jiangsu, grew up in the northeast, to speak, very stubborn is very stubborn. Oneself also know some things that can not so stubborn, is psychological problems, the best called insist, is single-minded.

choose liberal arts high school, especially like the liberal arts, like political economic life in the book. Open the college entrance examination three class mobilization meeting, everyone write their volunteer. I write is the university I want to make money, graduated from good to open a small factory. Then, there is no and then, the teacher asked me to rewrite, saying is unqualified, the picture on the wall, I volunteer is after class I want to take an examination of National People’s Congress.

university volunteer, want to learn ads and logistics, don’t let me. Uncle is a doctor, studied medicine then, countries also support traditional Chinese medicine, thus choose the traditional Chinese and western medicine orthopedics, later the first volunteer accounting didn’t want to know me, I’m very pleased.

military training, is square long, review let me to perfect the perfect details, then buy some white gloves, a squeaky, good-looking. Then I started with my new classmates, cheeky to other phalanx gloves, I feel embarrassed, followed after they butt, they introduce finished my taste, and this can be cheap, 23333, inspect, sold the two college freshmen, and then bought a guitar, yapping university also began.

(decorate office shooting)

the first university are relatively good, the teacher seriously, all aspects at the same time, I also know that the reason why I cannot learn in on me, not in school. Freshman year experiment to the dining hall, in white coats don’t take off, dining room to sell water aunt said she spent several years in our school, we’ll feel I look like a doctor. When the music fart.

a freshman, in the student union. To do school activities, we will go to sponsorship. Is at that time, some traffic in Harbin city one know understand, carry a small bag, inside with small and poor quality business card printing. Into a lot of office buildings, not to follow a lot when I was express little elder brother et out together and then on the elevator. Just at that time, know the society or the good, they see you young, if you still have a lot of ideas at the same time really to do, they are willing to help you. But more know, the reason of the problems a lot because of his lack of experience ability is not enough and school sponsored is empty set of white Wolf is little, and the reason is encountered no decisions, is a cold fish.

found that this group on campus, so embarrassed. So many extremely has the desire to consume but less spending power of people is so concentrated live together. For some brand and product promotion, is really good. So they set up a studio as a dealer, began to haul around campus outside of the company and the campus community. Simple said is sponsored by the dealer. With the activities of the school community authorization to the company, profit from the inside, I put the upgrade at best, he called the campus media. Own view is the campus market, really not much need to take out their blood and general cost of living is so much. The most promising a group of people, but they are now, have to buy the user, the campus community, is the best product users, to maintain such a large group, with their growth, a large company of bureau can begin to have the benefit, don’t know the operator do not conform to the Internet to burn money to hit the market logic.

sophomore year, don’t do. My own problems, ability. I don’t have the ability to ensure that the movements of the sponsoring company is truly effective, can’t give sponsoring company quantitative assessment results. At the same time, also have no ability to get more companies to provide for sponsorship. You also begin to know at this time, business, be sure to let everyone make money.

in the first half of sophomore year, Harbin winter, restless again. Ski resorts are opened, opportunity, and then find a ski resort, excels at the campus agent. At that time many students agent skiing, the way I do and others are different, I very annoying others send advertising (renren don’t like this at that time no vigor), public home page, I began to be human as WeChat subscription number now, did 3 million fans, then updated jokes very dark, my computer with me, you didn’t play any games, all of them are jokes. Fans is such a little bit of support, and then sell skiing, dry after a month, they can send people to ski slopes into car. At that time, never posted fliers, own all micro letter no publicity, students don’t know that I am scalping.

winter holiday, failed in the exam. First must be your not serious, and the final temporary, as well as skipping classes at ordinary times, no points at ordinary times. As long as it is back in front of the exams, they will produce a lot of ideas, wrote many words in the question bank, but the test had nothing to do. At that time thought, way out later. How did not at that time, but also calculate tourism, don’t say like to travel, this is a false dichotomy. But really want to do as a career.

and then began to organize for the long term, there is no procedure, travel agency license to 300000 dollars, than is not money in my pocket. Then buy the economic law, company law to gaming, ability problem again, look not to understand the economic law, because didn’t find what you want. And then begin to understand, to understand. Final decision in the form of outdoor club, tourist inspectorate at least lead time can’t bring me according to that.

the first time for the long term, to more than 20 people, with a class, but is very miserable, they are in shaanxi, the collection date, they have heavy snow road. Then I ha ha, give people their money back, finally went to two people, so we three whine days in the snow mountains in northeast China, for five days. At that time, I don’t to call home, yes, no signal.

so organized the hulunbuir, beidaihe, at mohe, changbai mountain. Junior, renren washed-up, recruit less than people became the biggest problem. WeChat, the public is doing, but now WeChat, is the red sea, began to confusion.

and then went to the travel agency work, is quite humble, but also know a lot of the eldest brother elder sister, also saw a lot of ghost. Is this time, I know in the tourism industry, has a group, have to pick up. Also know my problem is also their problem, customers become the decisive factor. Also know to get customers, zero negative group did very malicious.

travel can’t do that, I know, the travel agency also know, really see how to do. Idea is not important, because there are so many people with ideas but I only see a few people do.

I speak is more direct, I do travel is designed to make it as career, I am not a noble people, also don’t like some of the online travel entrepreneurs say, to the point of view of tourists, all-round services for tourists. Because I firmly believe that a penny a points goods, 10 always buy less than $20, it’s not reasonable, I hope I can travel like me, I will not to please every customer, I want to hold the twenty percent of our gold Lord, will bring the benefit of eighty percent, must be capricious, my company must have temper, must try to refuse to customers, because, I like, I believe that the market is like many high-quality goods, the market is never can’t afford to buy, only does.

say so many, to oneself is a summary. Identity is yue yun now travel company Harbin branch general manager, doing business is freedom of youth, the raise plan and free to travel. Branch focus is the new online travel, if you are interested in my products, welcome to daqing to our headquarters.


youth line map of freedom: do not do the old machine and wine free line, making machine and the perfection of traffic outside wine free line, providing the most perfect small local traffic. Will travel coupon intuitive present in the form of map, similar to the tourism Uber

-> the raise travel: the raise for their trip. On the one hand, on the one hand is the raise cost raise tourism products is the identity of the investors. To satisfy his idea, customize their own journey.

– free plan:

1. In the face of college graduates, confusion, I left for college students to travel, volunteer, volunteer exchange for three months, in the form of experience, find what they really want to do.

2. Combined with the free line, the locals in the play with a foreigner, no commission, accumulated points. After obtain other travel services are the same.

what ability to eat how much rice, I have always believed this. If you are a VC, I know I’m dazed and confused, but if you want to know about my project, want to know why I so stubborn, you can add my micro letter: 13206666971.

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