Entrepreneurs perspective: how derivative out of big trouble?

note: hunting cloud has experienced 2014 years of the first year of wechat business, 2015 wechat business Wolf sky must be a brand war, in the face of development than wolves run faster change faster than cao cao is the mobile Internet and the increasingly competitive environment, wechat business to do in 2015? As a date after 90 entrepreneurs to brand wechat business practitioners, the author according to the root of life experience in the Internet experience under my opinion of wechat business 2015 for your reference. The following for full text:

written by date to the founder Cui Dabao:

I an article before & lt; Wolf totem for entrepreneurs enlightenment & gt; , “the 2015 Spring Festival gala WeChat Lucky Money thoroughly exploded the sky of the mobile Internet (including three or four line city) in the past 2014 years wechat business the term special fire, over the past year wechat business like a Wolf, galloping on the grassland (mobile Internet) on the wave of to nomads (traditional electricity) to antelope (traditional autistic enterprises) suffered a heavy blow.

2014 wechat business the first year, 2015 wechat business Wolf sky must be a brand war, the battle of wolves, because most are aware of wechat business in the field of mobile power is so large piece of cake, every Wolf want to get more antelope cake and freedom. To date, I and other derivative are pondering a problem, in the face of development than wolves run faster change faster than cao cao is the mobile Internet and the increasingly competitive environment, 2015 derivative to do? As a date after 90 entrepreneurs to brand wechat business practitioners, according to the root of life experience in the Internet experience under my opinion of wechat business 2015 for your reference.

this is the first article of the two serial wechat business in 2015 to do strategic article

recently saw Mr Ma’s speech at the university of lake: “an enterprise should first speak” mission, vision and values “, on this basis, to talk about “strategy, organization, personnel, management of KPI is to ensure that” mission, vision and values “of the ground. “

the individuals as enterprise, why do we derivative, our vision is to what? We adhere to the values of what to do, my article “2015 of traditional electricity not layout micro businesses die very miserably, may well explain the above three questions. Article is more about traditional electric shop business faced a crisis, we need to what kind of mission, our vision is the mobile Internet environment target? We should follow a what kind of values to do?

have to go to the basis of the above strategy, tactics.

cut the crap get to the point, this article is mainly about wechat business 2015 strategy. Do things must have a strategic height to direct the implementation of the tactics. Mainly from the three pieces of speaking one: product selection strategy, 2: user management strategy, three: service system strategy

product selection strategy: the product attributes, product viscosity product attribute


words such as its meaning, can quickly decided to consumer products, due to its price and category attributes, in essence, it can reduce consumers to purchase before judgment against psychology; FMCG, it is different from high-end luxury goods, because is closely related to people’s life, you go to sell jujube jujube to aunt, and you go to sell furniture products are completely different, the result is also different. The few explain

2. High-frequency

mentioned high-frequency thought of drops a taxi, the frequency of a high frequency of use in the field of APP, according to this rule is to see your product selection has certain high frequency, often use in our daily life/food. Only something high frequency for more opportunities..

3. Just need

just to be the same, consumers can not do without such products, like food and clothing live line is just need to play and eat, daily life needs and psychological needs are inseparable from the things, just need a lot of choice, the condom when relationships-particularly those founded, communication tools, the woman to the big aunt aunt need to eat jujube tonic tonic, for wechat business practitioners who just need to focus on yourself whether you can rely on the reliable brand choice.

4. After strong enough

wechat business when an electrical contractor, throughout the electricity of the exuberant vitality, must has the property of super repeat purchase, and good product will talk, produce good products.

5. Reasonable profit

reasonable profit why speak reasonable profit? Does not pay attention to the consumer and product quality of commodity brand soon there will be a “bubble”. Now have a look in your circle of friends is ten wechat business seven mask, imagine this is a how fierce market competition, understands from facial friends around me, generally divided into agent system, the total generation, level agents, the secondary agents, 4 class agent, five distribution, layers of profit point, consider the final money or total generation, think of spreads so big, how much is the value of the real product itself?

the market at present good and evil people mixed up, want to do face film friends must find a product, have known word of mouth. Rather than boast forces around brainwashed how to how to sell the mask as upstarts.

in the mask is tencent official, CCTV crackdown, in 2015, is the years of agricultural special products of dividends.

although I own jujube jujube brand, also want to open wechat business agent cooperation pattern, the elder brother of the jujube layers of the agent is not recommended, but with the center of the city model each city open several agent partners, consists of two level agents, most do not set limit sales area, only to the user as the center, products as the center, rather than blindly pull acting money, for the purpose of our dates to the proxy pattern, for example, a user agent + product + + operation center as the central axis, proxy user do the cargo unity, order processing, timely response to save more logistics delivery cost, each city as the center, agents and users do offline communication more convenient, may very well become friends, do more things together, agent date to not necessarily can suddenly become a millionaire, part-time jujube by January down will surpass your wage is no problem. Put most of the costs in the product itself, good products will speak is king.

product viscosity

1. Product differentiation

there is no doubt that differentiation route has talked about in the early traditional marketing positioning, and created a lot of successful brands, wang ji is a classic case differentiation, positioning (fear of lose) develop channels open mind innovation line (hot-pot restaurant at it), branding the commanding heights of the $1 donation (earthquake). This is one of the most classic case of differentiation. Product differentiation, behind is carried by the innovation of the products. Take jujube jujube in the domestic first aunt, unprecedented, and jujube jujube to aunt joint health experts, nutrition experts of traditional Chinese medicine in xinjiang tianshan common cultivation, buy out sole jujube. Single from the product differentiation of product itself fully, when choosing products must have the window of differentiation is to attract more potential customers, to have a better deal.

2. Brand personalized

brand personalized connotation is the key, what is the brand passed by, whether in the fierce competition in the Internet, have their own uniqueness, to stand, not universal love, but beg fan favorite. Ing branding and to be the same, and now the time has in the past, facing the diversity of user choice, must stand out from the crowd. His own characteristic advantage.

3. Product social

product social tumble into two pieces, the first of the product itself has the spread of the mobile social network element exists, the product has spread topic in social scene. On the basis of the product on and has spread, so a word-of-mouth. Now when users select a product, a friend of referrals than to see you with good advertising effect. Since I do date to the date jujube brother micro letter of more than 4800 friends, basic it is my user recommendation and web search date to add my good friends. It can be seen that the product of social attribute is of vital importance to the mobile Internet in the future.

4. Clinch a deal the facilitation

facilitation are based on the development of mobile Internet, can the order anytime and anywhere shopping, here is the most important part of trust, the development of the traditional electric business, the trust to rely on third party payment, such as pay treasure, dispel distrust between strangers, wechat business/social electricity is to emphasize the relationship of the center and strengthen the communication between people, trust building, clinch a deal is to follow.

2, user management strategy: user access, user link user access:

1. The promotion plan

a good promotion plan, including communications planning and execution scheduling and so on a series of system work, first is derived from the insight of the target group, on the basis of integrated operation of psychology, sociology, aesthetics, communication strategy, through the creative between product value and consumer concerns, led to the target group, for wechat business, directly on the product advantages, advantages of refresh age has in the past, consumers are more willing to talk to the real living, communication.

2. Trust agent

chain is most important in social relations, and the sustainable development of the relationship is trust! Trust has passed. Recall that because you trust a person, and it is easy to believe what he said, the vast majority of the answer should be yes, in fact, in the field of social opinion leaders have this feature, cultivate this trust agent, is the embodiment of the true value to people. By positioning themselves, describe yourself, with people, and then improve in communication, accumulation, contribution, slowly you will find you be trust agent node, can win more users.

3. Experience interactive

experience is by oneself experience to get validation; Interaction is to communicate with each other, is a dynamic display form, experience caused by interaction, interactive deepen experience, user experience is poor because of the show or conformity spiral of silence will appear before, but with the development of social media, decentralization, every individual is will beep, spiral of silence will gradually weaken. Strengthen the interactive access to the user experience, diligence is the most core + fun! An example of the following is jack ma and the expression of a speech in a foreign country, jujube elder brother saw make forced sex with improvisation to a set of parody as example and user interaction.

user link:

through a series of promotion, caused the user attention, be trust agent node, strengthen interaction for more users, break the social fragments, is interested in polymerization oriented, extended value, based on the psychological resonance of community, community to maintain the link established between the user to maintain for a long time.

1. Interested in polymerization

the following dates to be open proxy cooperation, all the partners are in a community of jujube friend will be grow up learning to play together. Community maintenance is through the interest integration, apparently “jujube friend will be” points of interest of the community was to seize the opportunity in the era of mobile social electricity business entrepreneurs, and service users to a group of people. You are also a wechat business practitioners, to build their own user community, also needed to provide users, users want, and even beyond the expectation of the user to stimulate users’ interest.

2. Spread value

aggregation based on interest community, if you want to for a long time, must want to have the actual value for dates to the brand of “jujube friend will be” extended value is to provide better products and nutritious and dry for the absorption of knowledge grows together, between the members of the community will reach tacit understanding, and trust.

three, service system strategy: experience as a service, service manufacturing reputation, reputation affect product.

we understand what is the purpose of service first?

a word: “let the user”

cool is through what to do?

two words: “experience”

ok for this process of experience is what?

three words: “visual experience, functional experience, psychological experience”.

function experience “is the result of the product itself to user needs, psychological experience is that the product can meet the needs of users in the social environment of force. See face time, force lattice blasting table if the experience of The Times to meet the user estimates of force to show off your product is not far from success. The good word of mouth will appear, and the word of mouth through a variety of products on the user’s hand transmission brand product value, will eventually affect the value of the product itself in consumers.

this post is jujube brother many years’ accumulation of blood to the hope that useful to you, then a “tactical wechat business how to do 2015”, please look forward to, want to please add me to communicate with the elder brother of the jujube WeChat: 13381210686, in the social electricity/micro grows together together to make money on the trade routes. After the last date elder brother want to say is the micro houses minimization algorithm electricity consumer does not pay attention to the quality of products and services, to pull his head end to stock up for the purpose of small commodity brand soon there will be a “bubble”.