Entrepreneurial heroes: cross-border electricity, honey for CEO wen-bin xie believes its increase is based on


overseas online shopping development for many years, last year began to enter a rapid development and change, like the regiment campaign group, this encounter, how to survive, hunting cloud network had an interview with CEO wen-bin xie honey for global purchasing, he thinks its increase is the key to winning. Since last year after the “black Friday” easily understood how honey tao has experienced a painful metamorphosis, hunting cloud network also concludes the relevant answers.

cloud network hunting last year reported honey for global purchasing financing message:

honey tao form diary

stem from the desire for the high quality of life of people, cross-border electrical business developed rapidly. However, when the circle of friends were buying brush screen, “kill” the innate psychological resistance and difficult to balance between the pursuit of high-quality low-cost import. In October 2013, wen-bin xie keen to capture the tuyere, set up a team, play the authenticity of the flag, begin to do buy on sb’s behalf, guide platform, launched in March last year “CN overseas online shopping”.

overseas online shopping development for many years, the chain length, low efficiency of these problems, it’s time to make some changes, so “simplified process” is always groping wen-bin xie team direction, through contact each link and make the corresponding optimization, he realized that bought this kind of the intermediate links is not a long-term solution, turning to electric business in June last year, take a proprietary model. At the same time period of starting and bud baby honey, ocean terminal, etc. September officially changed its name to “honey tao”, aimed at “overseas brand limited-time sale website”, to do overseas of jingdong shopping areas.

honey tao slogan is to improve the quality of life, different from mother-to-child vertical shoot baby, honey honey tao focus on high quality global brand sale. Product category covers from mother to child, health care products, beauty makeup, clothing, household items, bags, outdoor, day tao, tao nearly hundreds of thousands of overseas brand goods. To exempt proprietary, overseas cross-border trade patterns such as direct mail, to provide users with more convenient online and mobile end cross-border trading environment, the largest extent, reduce the threshold of the domestic users purchase global products.

growth always laboring

wen-bin xie mentioned “entrepreneurial difficult”, “must have the mentality to solve the problem,” which is experienced personal feeling after the “regression of Hong Kong”. “Can you imagine the morning more than one hundred phone ringing off the hook to rush to ask ‘where are the goods’ feeling?”? This means the Internet honey has a batch of goods in Hong Kong customs clearance when encounter problems, all the stranded. Wen-bin xie had to take the team to shenzhen, will be scattered in various goods back to Hong Kong and meat, and then sent to the user.

rapid growth is a double-edged sword

“11.28 black Friday – honey last year for overseas shopping carnival”, the daily turnover reached 24.8 million. The growth of more than 20 times prove the validity of the direction of development, but due to all aspects of the basic service didn’t catch up with, each link is a problem, basically the whole issue until January, slowly ease, this double-edged sword stabbing pain wen-bin xie, also let him have a new plan.

add add further increase

still, wen-bin xie in black under five double experience joy grief at the same time, it has been determined to do a good job in all aspects of the basic work. The first: customer service issues, dig in customer service director; The second: proprietary question, to set up purchasing system; Third: the delivery problem, in the warehouse bonded area. Wen-bin xie has stressed “worse” is the cross-border electricity encounter based on fundamental, honey tao give up public warehouse, in the warehouse, bonded area arrangement of personnel management operation is so. In addition, the customer service department, the five men from the beginning, to June 30. Now customer service is close to 100 people, the department and business personnel 120 people. Giant’s entry, how dangerous and machine see

relative to bulk, high barriers to entry to some overseas online shopping, but the same starting line, executive ability, flexibility, good to go too long. More than just a startup copycat approach, giants is unwilling also lonely. Actually, Tmall international, jingdong global purchasing or do C2C mode, category limitation is an important factor of large platform of checks and balances. In addition, various test, record the purchase, all sorts of docking system, and the customs. These honey for experienced link, process, others will experience. From this point on, honey ready for half a year, has realized the good soldier character, making, only to the first world war. 5.20 is about to start my big promote for tao “silence” six months of war games, is also a test for half a year in an effort to the final exam.

positioning precision,

in the second half of the work center of gravity over two things, first, accurate positioning. Crowd subdivision wen-bin xie identity rather than the market segmentation, honey tao Yu Zhongduan user service, help them to high-end people’s quality of life. Second, is to verify 30 cities of the country’s spending power and penetration through the background data, in order to adjust the expansion direction and strategy. Specific to the advertisement, the 520 large presses, give priority to with promotion, advertising chose framework. Honey tao in first-tier cities metro station, in more than 20 2, 3 cities in the high-end residential elevator has realized the full coverage. In the second half by advertising to building brand. Come out from Tmall wen-bin xie understands the value of the brand, he wants to make the black 5 and 5.20 a of honey for a “double” and “12-12”.

here are hunting cloud network focus on some of the problems, wen-bin xie are also given to the solutions

1. Honey for duty-free independents is a kind of what kind of pattern?

a duty-free independents is pulling away now in advancing the free zone, proprietary way of sea is cheaper for the users, and faster.

2. Free trade zone of zhengzhou why did you choose to work with?

before is with guangzhou, ningbo bonded area cooperation, but where is the warehouse, the efficiency is low. So now, and the free trade zone of zhengzhou cooperation, build a warehouse, pack your shipment. This is a process of compound, in addition to dock and customs, and docking system. Bonded warehouse and bonded area belongs to the resource concentration, honey tao has spent half a year’s time had a piece, it is also a part of the leading rivals.

3. We see honey tao in the form of sale of goods, so profit points in where?

normal gross margin is a times, dealer sales basic don’t make money, but in so doing, the old user activity increases, attract new users come in at the same time, increase the viscosity. Black five data show that after the shortness of last year, a month before is twice a month, this suggests that users won a good precipitation. Wen-bin xie also said, now every month to maintain a 30% growth.

4. Honey for the main daily necessities of life, the future consider to develop other category of goods?

honey tao has its own product team, what you need, we can see the data, real selection of detonation products and users like, establish a perfect the circulation system.

5. Now the mobile Internet development soon, especially WeChat, whether this will into the late honey for the plan?

using the characteristics of decentralization, promote sharing users, allows users to make money, wen-bin xie unashamedly use “decentralized pyramid selling” to describe. In addition, also considered more social transmission system.