Entrepreneurial firms how to develop reusable, extensible sales model?

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cloud network hunting note: David Skok is one of the partners of matrix partners, as a has several experience of predecessors, he will own entrepreneurial experience. Skok in today this article talk about the second start-up stage in the future, how to develop a repeatable sales model, he will be detailed analysis of the importance of the sales funnel.

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at various stages of the business cycle, need to be in a different way to deal with. In the last article, I talked about the first stage to do: find the right products and the corresponding market. I told how entrepreneurs should focus on looking for them, I also explains why should invest money in this section. In this article, I’ll talk about how to find a scalable, repeatable sales model.

define a scalable, repeatable sales model

the following situation means you found a scalable, repeatable sales model:

to attract paying customers process is repeatable pattern

if the process involves the sales staff, you can recruit new staff, they need to be equal to the original sales team level of sales.

if the process is a virtual network sales model, web site traffic can also get an expected result.

process is extensible

in the absence of short-term limit, increase user clues and site traffic.

in the absence of short-term limit, funnel of resources (e.g., sales staff) easily expanded.

in the entire customer life cycle, customer acquisition costs significantly lower than your earnings

in Saas project, customer lifetime value shall be three times higher than customer acquisition costs.

for a start-up capital efficiency, 12 months should be able to restore user acquisition costs.

customer lifetime value to the cost of goods, services, and orientation are rough.

on sales model test/maintain slow pace

like finding the right products and the corresponding market, looking for sales model should also do some test. Don’t blindly believe in business plan, because plan just unconfirmed hypothesis. Only a small part of the start-up, or found a scalable, repeatable in their sales model, we can only reach and even surpass their overall sales plan.

found a scalable, you cannot predict how long does it take to repeatable sales model. During that time, products and markets is changed often, so your money to support a large number of trials, in order to find the feasible mode.

don’t rely on money to solve the problem. Rely on the power of money is a mistake, especially for those inexperienced investors and members of the board of directors, they want to see the results as soon as possible under pressure. If you do that, even with a large amount of money to solve the problem, still have little effect.

the original design of the sales funnel takes time to confirm. I set up a website called “sales and marketing”. Design can test is very quick, also do not need to spend too much cost. When you design experiment, think about it, what do you need to collect data to determine whether test success.

top salespeople’s team shines

if the salesperson is funnel (defined by marketers or website owner expected transformation path), as part of the then you have to understand that the salesman can reach the unconfirmed sales process, and the general is very different compared to the salesman. In the absence of any hint, they need enough wisdom to develop a repeatable process. Normally, when you are hiring sales personnel, you hope they can in accordance with the standards of your implementation steps to do things, rather than from that of contact with customers and sales. First-class sales staff know how to determine the subprime market, know how to select the most useful information.

at first only need one or two sales staff, their work is fixed in one place. To ensure that the two sales staff sales ability is better than others. In a distributed organization, change the information content and directional problem is very difficult. But if only one or two people, sales team can get together and talk face to face when they saw the problem and the results.

funnel the criterion of the importance of

to achieve a scalable, repeatable sales model, a good place to funnel the criterion is indispensable. Do you want to clear the sales funnel each phase conversion, understand different sales leads and can bring what kind of change. Generally, each sales leads the customer resource is limited, and the only way to expand the scale of the company is constantly looking for new sales leads. New leads the economic outlook may be different from previous sales leads, only in this way can the plumb line to let you know, whether your sales model is economically feasible.

to have a real extensible sales model, you need a different source of sales leads, these is also takes hard work to change back.

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