Enterprise SaaS services in the future how to better survival development?

hunting cloud network reported on May 11, but only modestly believes that he is only in the early stages of development in the company to do a little bit is a bit different with general company business. But when he was with the investment and financing service platform Storm Ventures of Jason Lemkin when SaaStr annual meeting about this matter, Aaron Levie boldly admits he has made no secret of the world make a huge change.

although in the following interview Aaron Levie will have reservations, but he still pointed out the SaaS final demand of the business, and then with the development of the company, have to adapt to the needs of different users. And when the reality is the ideal is plump, reality is bone feeling real validation.

in the early growth stages of business and business scale extension stage, in order to make a SaaS business can smoothly through the inevitable gap period, must have good corporate ready program and related infrastructure to the market.

instead, however, we noticed that more and more revenue (advocate business wu income) is less than $10 million of SaaS software as a service, they began to sell its focus on a small stake to small or medium-sized companies, refining company departments and business scope, or in most cases, in discussions with the company’s senior leadership to escape to discuss some of the core business.

we can have a look at the cloud ExactTarget marketing software company, it is earlier than Sapphire Ventures into a good company. It is initially through in some like in Indianapolis, indiana state capital) to sell washing machines have significant business development. This marketing mode in obtaining effective customer, the development of ultra high speed, and the rapid growth of the early application widely. Traditional experience also support this trend within the enterprise to the client’s business.

however, such a “bottom-up” model in the rapid development of the early work, only if SaaS is only focus on corporate culture and corporate organization mode, so difficult to avoid the final ending: in efforts to expand our business to increase revenue, they will face enormous challenges, hard on the basis of the original recipients expand the scale of the audience.

as a result, an increase in sales, expand the market, optimizing the organization, pay attention to practice also includes a strategy, that is to allow the user to the end can be seamlessly combined with “old company” technology, which is in order to maintain the growth of the company and sell to other organizations large structure system of some complex requirements.

in order to expand business, some faster SaaS company always initially spontaneously used to pioneer (early adopters) to sell the so-called “next generation” products. These people is their colleagues in the start-up, the venture capitalists in the ecological system of science and technology, or have a large number of assets of the independent individual. Recently in our company’s blog about startups bloated customer base this topic caused a heated discussion. We note that some benefits from 30 million to 50 million or lower company has a large number of lengthy legal terms need to follow, and in order to maintain its breakneck growth, they must also increase enough amount of small business, which in the early stage of development of enterprise is a huge challenge.

in this regard, many companies began to realize that the past simple working mode can’t let them get long-term development. Then they start to look for more sales engineer, and sell it to large enterprises. If the company has a more traditional GTM research infrastructure, so he will be able to have good performance in the next round of development.

so an excellent sales team, professional service agencies, loyal employees and customer manager is essential for the development of the company. They can help the company to meet all the needs of large enterprise customers.

Marketing strategy

we can say that the marketing process of change and the change of marketing skills is very important to the success of the company. Initially, the internal sales lead. But, if you want to achieve higher levels of structure system, a combined strategy more fields of marketing (including those partners themselves) and the thorough understanding of a specific company customer requirements has become particularly important.

when increase business scale, corporate users will may have begun to buy software on my own. This makes a few large IT company in front of the users to buy the product need to review their company’s financial budget and safety standards. At the same time also need to create a more appropriate complex marketing team, these people a better understanding of how to negotiate with large enterprises some complex problems. Because most of large enterprises have a variety of shopping centers and shopping area. When have any emergency, so that you can to provide higher levels of remedial measures.

we hope these price expensive sales team can play an important role on the marketing strategy, I hope they expensive wage and their commitment to each customer demand is proportional to the understanding degree, also hope that they can get rid of customers at the heart of the problem. So I want to mention it again, the sheer scale of more business will require a higher level of the quota, because this part of the quota need to some of the more experienced employees.

in addition, to employ sophisticated enterprise, vice President of professional lawyers responsible for sales and marketing management is the perfect combination. Of course, we should hire some traditional a line or two lines of salesman as a signal of firm growth or decline, but should be regarded as a wise move. This marketing organizations to ensure the company’s rate of growth in the next round of the standby. Want to know, to the company’s top management to produce qualified business scope licensed but SaaS development lifeblood of the company.

in the end, I want you to understand that the role of the CEO of a company must have the company shift from the pattern based on the model, internal sales staff to provide regular updates. Assigned to large companies at the same time customers spend more time and energy on mind.

professional services and support

as a “corporate” oriented company means the company must have a service organization, it can fully support large high-tech personalized customer, this is not a bad thing. In the corporate culture, if want to thoughtful, inevitably investing congress returns of 15% to 25% on professional services. Sell products to large enterprises may need more to carry out the policy, integration, training plan, orientation, etc., and even may have some management level of the continuous support.

customer management nots allow to ignore to

it is obvious that persuade companies invested in advertising, it is far better than that of advertising have challenges brought about by the huge impact on the company.

when the company in its early stages and can use the less money, or even more, from existing clients’ demand for funds will also have a lot of kinds, such as successful customer has the strategy of “active dialogue” and so on. Aaron Levie pointed out has a diversified portfolio, through the organization, customers can enjoy more products.

and, in addition to become the most brilliant sales staff in the company, the CEO of the company also need to stand in the forefront of sales management. Even walk on the road, he should also spend idea on how to win customers.

we often have such a feeling, think fast development for the next generation of traditional technique in the future as a SaaS company is bad behavior.

and, when they simply cast early growth strategy and building enterprise culture and mental state, they have a fantastic ties between the two. So in the later to accept before digging abandon specification will be especially difficult.

in the end I want to point out that we don’t think completely to the market marketing strategy is unique in a leading position, but we are really believe that the CEO of software services should be the relentless pursuit of SaaS companies build a scale of billions of assets. He should consciously accordingly turn this culture and infrastructure.

so that in the early stages, in a more mature approach to implement the road must be careful not to make enemies. Because development history using a more traditional way of company is likely to need a few small sacrifices to satisfy their speeding growth, to continuously expand SaaS business of the company.