Enterprise order platform meal announced C round of funding of 140 million yuan, the public comments on led

enterprise order platform meal (meican.com) officially complete C wheel is 140 million yuan RMB financing, this round of funding from public comments on led, kleiner perkins caufield & byers (kleiner perkins), NGP (Nokia Growth Partners, Nokia’s Growth fund), zhi capital letter, and shot. C round of financing is completed, meal team for the company’s largest shareholder, still continue to have control over the company. At the same time, the deep strategic cooperation with the public comments on the excellent meal.

meal was founded in 2011, founded by zhao Xiao, Xu Yang joint, has grown into domestic well-known enterprise order platform. In 2011 from xiao-ping xu very funds and jiuhe vc millions of angel investment; In 2012 from kleiner perkins caufield & byers (kleiner perkins) of millions of dollars A round of investment; In 2013 by the NGP (Nokia Growth Partners, Nokia’s Growth fund) for thousands of millions of dollars in B round led investment; 2014 letter from principal part B rounds of additional investment of capital. Currently covered Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu and other cities, customers employees provide online reservation, for thousands of companies and business dinner buffet, team, etc.

meal CEO, said zhao Xiao with team in the enterprise long-term agriculture, consumer market has accumulated a complete product development, customer development and service operations experience. After introducing the public comments on strategic investment, meal number will speed up development covers the city and service companies, to construct a beer and skittles in the consumer market integrated service platform.

the public comment on chief strategy officer Jiang Yueping, said a long time, the public review is devoted to the change of local Chinese consumers by using the power of the Internet life. The strategic investment is not only the public review under the open strategy of sortie and services in the field of another, also means that the public comments on the local life O2O platform goal goes further. Meal on the service enterprise users has many years experience of precipitation, the two companies will be able to have dinner in the future as the entrance, beer and skittles services into business users, service more users. Jiang Yueping said at the same time, the local life market is very huge, the public comment on good company welcome all share common ambition and team, everyone together to seize the opportunity to work together.

meal at present, the annual turnover has amounted to hundreds of millions of yuan, revenue rose by more than 800%, the commission rate more than 10%, ahead of the industry average, consumer market in the enterprise has absolute leading market share.