ENJOY: do buy hand shops catering industry, to provide users with high-end select limited food e-commerce platform

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ENJOY friends recommend restaurants application is by cooking the team to develop new products, the main selection of limited food, officially launched on January 21, 2015, at present mainly in the iPhone client, the android client and a Web page version of the service. Rice was founded in August 2012, the former netease portal deputy editor Chen Meng cang, netease video director had reason, netease news deputy editor Chen Ziyu, former senior engineer of sina weibo, the former paper interaction of CTO JuTieNan co-founded. The team had meal this and ENJOY two product, the team has more than 50 people.

as a high-end selection of set limit to provide users with food e-commerce platform, it can be seen as buyers shop of the catering industry. Through ENJOY, users can quickly and easily to visit Beijing and Shanghai high-end food recommended information, and quickly complete the order.

team co-founder and COO once said in an interview with hunting cloud network management, rice this accumulated a large number of high-end catering consumption crowd, the team found that these users need a trading products, and also do a trading product user experience more pure directly.

in first-tier cities in the high-end crowd to “eat better” there are more and more strongly pursuit, they eat will become a way of life, also need to be from some reliable sources more direct, simple food product recommendations. ENJOY the team hope that when these people trying to find some fashion, high-end food and beverage products, when they are to eat “good” or “eat something special” produce demand, can ENJOY in the first place to provide advice and direct purchase channels.

ENJOY the target population is urban, senior white-collar workers, and other consumption level is higher, so, ENJOY value the uniqueness of selling the product, and whether it can bring more special consumption experience for the user.

formed specifically to ENJOY BD team, team members are mostly from media or professional food has many years of diet culture research background, they are familiar with the local catering environment and “critical”, their responsibility than ordinary business to expand, more close to fashion buying, aesthetic taste and experience determines the merchants in and ENJOY the quality.

now ENJOY selling each menu by BD team and restaurants to design together, is a process similar to customized, according to food, the environment, the chef’s background, the technique of exclusive custom menu. At the same time, also in combination with the restaurant’s unique characteristics and special seasonal festivals are special custom.

as the second project team into the food and beverage, rice also evaluates and recommends the user data to ENJOY when choosing a restaurant provides some references and design a product, but in an electric business platform with a “buy hand” quality, the team as a whole professional experience and aesthetic actually depends on ENJOY greater choose restaurant standards.

selection criteria for the businessman, who told hunting cloud network management, the merchants cooperation, is not only good in the traditional sense of the word of mouth, high grade of restaurants, they still need to be in line with modern urban life and fashionable temperament, even the new opening restaurant, the team will be based on the overall background of restaurants (including operators, subordinate to the group, the chef) carefully evaluated before deciding whether to cooperate.

with the above two characteristics of the restaurant itself, the unit price will not too low, so ENJOY basically is the unit price is guided by the product quality, not by the guest unit price to guide the product qualities. So, ENJOY the users pay more attention to quality and uniqueness, and the price is not so sensitive, but team also focus mainly on the to provide more perfect service and higher quality of product design, rather than price subsidies. “Team spent more effort in the evaluation and selection of merchants, as well as product design, want users to be able to trust our aesthetic taste, for willing to through our in vast amounts of food products to provide Suggestions for them.” Had said.

O2O catering industry itself is already a user basic demand, therefore can provide more unique compared to other products become the key to the development of the project. Once thought, may ENJOY on the “more” is not particularly big advantage, but in the “good”, have their own definition of a good product and taste, the team will focus more input on the quality of the ascension, find better products, rather than merely provide cheaper option.

in addition, ENJOY online when a month has gathered more than 10 users, repeat purchase rate is 30%. Rice and ENJOY together is a high end restaurant, including LIFESTYLE information aggregation and trading platform, with some relatively high-end users, to provide good information for the team, to provide data analysis of reference, provide a basis for evaluating the quality of products and DEAL. “We want to do the food in this industry is different from bulk products, and make it more fashion, more in line with the urban young people eat” good “” live better” needs.”

when it comes to the future planning, once told hunting cloud network management, in the short term will expand the number of merchants in Beijing, Shanghai and selling the product quantity, and extended to other eligible city gradually. The ultimate goal is to want to do a fashion brand catering, to provide users with fashion trends, word of mouth good product.