English: uncle do after 70 K12 online education oral English, hope there will be no “dumb English”

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

we often see online popular spoken English “texts”, for example, sichuan dialect English edition of henan dialect, mixed dialects “fancy” spoken English, listening to the can not help but laugh. Is likely to be “jokes hand”, but the current situation of spoken language, that may make you in stitches after thinking, we must admit that there are a lot of English learning of the existence of “dumb English”, Shanghai le English is seize the K12 (6 to 18 years old) oral English in the field of online education platform lack of opportunity, and combining the classroom teaching, want to let the student is no longer a “dumb English”.

English now can be regarded as “360 ° no dead Angle”, from the babble of children to the faltering from dusty construction site to the palatial offices, can speak English. “We combined with the present situation of the mute English, many students existence and analyzing the characteristics of the K12 oral English learning, decided to do oral English learning platform. An English online education now, countless, but most is a big platform, the audience is very wide also, is a complex system.” Shanghai le English CEO li-fei zhang told hunting cloud network: “in the field of many English learning, we focus on doing online education the small number of spoken English, and directly and closely integrated school classroom teaching, at present very few people in this field.” As “weak water three thousand, only take a gourd ladle drink”.

li-fei zhang is one of the 70, graduated from nanjing university history department, worked at shenzhen dragon high science and technology co., LTD.; Co-founder Zhang Xianfeng successive “21st century business herald, a senior marketing manager, cultural/exhibition company executives and capable of education and culture media field; Another co-founder Ma Yiqun, he worked for the Shanghai bell, from the programmer to technical director, team familiar with the education industry and Internet industry, have certain experience in business management, market operation. Doing in the process of the education industry aimed at the spoken English “draught” of online education.

happy English platform of practicing spoken English come in different modes, the first oral English pronunciation system take at the university of Cambridge in the development of man-machine interactive speech evaluation system, there will be errors in the process of students to practice oral English and scoring, is no longer listen to the tape of applicant in original, happy English more refining each syllable; Second, English learning time without rigid requirements, make full use of fragmented time, students can select corresponding interest in oral English learning anytime and anywhere; Secondly using the psychological characteristics of students learning competition, are more diversified, more interesting nature, such as recruit, challenges, etc., let the child in a happy learning progress.

happy English learning and docking teachers, students, parents, establish the online interactive learning community. Teachers can check students’ oral English in English platform, for students to practice situation can be more clear. Improve teaching quality through interaction, make up for the lack of classroom teaching oral practice loophole, achieve more than the integration of teaching function. For students, oral English learning can implement evaluation intelligence score, docking, classroom teaching + synchronous learning materials and choose material, when parents teach the child is no longer “edge”.

about the future development of the English li-fei zhang said: online, first of all, based on Shanghai this fertile soil, using their own and the Shanghai students’ post of the school of music and the cooperation to obtain seed users; Then “recruiting”, “LAN xian CAI” rich English content. In offline, competitions as the main mode, develop diversified system such as oral English contest, teacher lectures, summer camp at home and abroad as a “gentleman”.

now, English training after the wave of the Internet development more, such as English online education platform is very famous with hj, new Oriental online, etc., also has new foray into the big platform of YY, there are many more stars such as LeYun teaching, good teachers union, chalk, apes question bank, love everyday to brush, 91 teachers, etc., li-fei zhang told hunting cloud network: “in fact, we pay more attention to the oral English teaching in the field of the K12 platform, more segmentation, and develop their own characteristics, and have certain market.”

the happy English has many schools and Shanghai butt into the beta, but also faces some difficulties, such as English teaching material points across the country a lot of version, has the certain difficulty to national promotion, the product will be officially launched in September this year season, platform development, at the same time in the mobile terminal and PC li-fei zhang said need about 300-5 million financing for product construction, team construction and promotion.