Electrostatic dust collection type air purifier, desirable?

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sand forced Beijing yesterday, believe that scares people. Catkin is still blowing, hunting cloud network friendship tips, go out remember to wear a face mask, of course, but also prevent masks blown away. All of a sudden that haven’t mention air purifier for a long time, also never introduces electrostatic dust collection type air purifier. Hunting cloud network is introduced to a part of the Shanghai expo, Hong Kong electronics show no consumables electrostatic dust collection type air purifier – BeiAng air purifier.

in fact, the scent of when they think of it, after all, the development abroad for so many years of an empty net industry, original intention is pollen. In China, is under the dome, the winning a magic weapon of haze, but cloud network found hunting filter type air purifier, always face trouble, replace the filter element is difficult to effectively reduce the noise, and prevent secondary germs, filter, filter replacement is a cost that cannot be ignored.

cloud network has been hunting worry about the problem of electrostatic produce ozone pollution, to what extent are really serious, this kind of air purifier in BeiAng just let cloud network hunting do some research.

a brief introduction: BeiAng air purifier electrostatic dust collection ion wind purification technology, the screen can be washed, without replacement. Due to save the screen pack, BeiAng al shield JY500 air purifier won greater CADR and lower noise. 420 cubic meters per hour is not only meet the needs of large family, at the same time to achieve the purification of faster speed. Price 7999 yuan, mainly for high-end users (comparison filter type air purifier, please replace consumable cost plus).

ion wind technology from silicon valley, core technology is the use of plasma field produce positive ions collide with the dust particles floating in the air, make the particles charged by adsorption, including PM2.5 and pm10. Because of the electric field force and aerodynamic design clever union, it does not need to fan, can drive the air circulation, can effectively put the power in the wind, and also avoid the filter the noise of air purifier. The nano particles as small as 20, also has good adsorption effect.

BeiAng air purifier adopts the technology of the bipolar hunting dust, dust capture rate is 3 times speed, air through the air inlet into the fuselage, extreme form high pressure kills bacteria, decomposition of formaldehyde and TVOC, make particles charged at the same time, the collection form opposite charges, positive and negative attraction, active absorption of charged particles, realize the comprehensive and detailed purification effect. When bacteria and viruses in the air by high voltage electric field, the surface protein has been damaged by the electric field and thoroughly to achieve sterilization function, can effectively remove the influenza virus, in the aspect of sterilization has the advantages of traditional way to purify the no.

BeiAng air purifier can pass the phone WIFI operation, equipped with automatic maintenance detection function at the same time, purify the machine automatically detect dust board status, when they tested the dust collection board performance to the preset data, maintenance indicator lamp lights up automatically, remind consumer to dust collecting plate for cleaning operation.

for ordinary besmirch, we can show the dust collecting plate spray clean water (washing liquid solvents), use dry towel to wipe. For stubborn stains can be washed directly operation, can use neuter washing, and use the brush to clean dust collecting plates, completely clean, filter dust collection effect. After cleaning, the dust in the shade on a board of moisture to dry, install air purifier boot back to normal use.

the electrostatic dust collection type air purifier relative to the filter type air purifier desirable: ozone problem need not worry too much, noise problem is solved, the most important is clean have remind “worry”, to avoid the cost of the replacement of consumable materials…

air pollution problem will still exist for a long time, the indoor air is about family healthy body, the empty net industry still has a huge market space. This is why there is little technical barriers “filter type air purifier manufacturer devoted, price war intensified, behind the price compression, isn’t it also represents a quality, and replace the consumables such as filter, filter merchants played wishful thinking.

even if they don’t consider the above said, replacing consumable materials, for consumers is not clear, it’s also a big pain points: material in short is a waste of time in a long time and can lead to bacterial growth and secondary pollution. Cloud network hunting bullish BeiAng easy cleaning, repeated use, and automatic reminders, when cleaning the best, the in the mind is a bottom.

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