Electricity outside the “nail”! Ali mobile six matrix layout

at the weekend, alibaba group, Beijing staff held a general assembly, Mr Ma had shouted out a slogan, that is to Beijing into a stronghold, except electricity system for the time being, the burden of this one of the most important is fallen upon the ali mobile division.

on April 29, alibaba mobile enterprise group of strategic conference held in Beijing, mobile business group President ali ucweb CEO announced ali group of UC and Scott integration is completed, what UC browser, Scott map, literature search, nine swim, PP assistant, ali jointly formed the ali new six big business in the field of mobile Internet matrix.

in the meeting, ucweb CEO ali group released a new positioning: for the user to create “simple and reliable” Internet services, both in technology and data to create variables, both to do ali group variables, variables also should make China’s Internet industry.

in February 2014, alibaba group announced a wholly owned bid for gold, in June the same year, UC gifted as announced in the alibaba group, and to form a ali mobile enterprise group, in addition to the existing UC business team, what business group will also be responsible for including the UC browser, search, Scott, nine tour map such as construction and development of the business, coupled with the first public appearance of the “literature” ali, ali mobile division products reach more and more.

in addition to the “acquisition of death”, after the industry for the future of UC and Scott have a common question, that is UC and Scott will be ali electric business flow entrance? YuYong ford answer at that time, UC and gold in the field of electricity do business well, is the biggest value to ali.

the fact that over the past year also demonstrated YuYong ford, ali mobile business group’s business, did not increase any electrical properties, instead more focused in their respective professional fields, such as gold map will greatly weaken the commercial O2O on the function, to strengthen the travel and location information services, while the former is speculation golder and ali electric business the most direct vessel.

and “electricity flow entrance” speculation, by contrast, ali group seems to be more inclined to the group’s assets to the mobile Internet business enterprise group of transfer. This was before ali consolidation, existing in UC UC browser browser integration with taobao business, and what the search is integrated ali’s search business and team. In UC thoroughly after merged with ali group, this trend more obvious, a typical example is the nine swim about ali mobile game business integration.

previous exposure of “literature” ali has also unveiled, introducing to content production, cooperation and copyright industry chain of bidirectional derivative is given priority to. Ali ali literature could get its UC bookstore, books such as novels, taobao reading entrance resource support.

with the complete Internet business matrix, we also have the personage inside course of study to ali, nicknamed “little tencent” mobile business group, as ali in the field of electricity, checks and balances the two rival tencent, baidu’s pieces. To this, ucweb CEO to deny. Despite their business goals is not the same, but from the point of view of business competition, ali hustling on mobile in key areas.

in the end, “complex” ucweb CEO used to summarize the state of the past year, because of his role as consolidators and be integrated, he must complete a self integration. Ucweb CEO, said in the past year, UC and Scott to achieve a soft landing, because the business continues to grow, the market brand.