Electric cattle electrical technology li yinan chat calf where is the “cow”, June 1, with “cow”


cattle electrical technology, founder and CEO li yinan aimed at two rounds of electric vehicles, a popular travel tools, under the condition of the existing technologies to precipitate, after nearly two years of repeated exposure, will be launched on June 1, the first electric products – the mavs. According to introducing, this is an intelligent electric scooter, “for young people full of bullishness.

when the bike moving in the “intelligent” given labels to cycling, electric unicycle, body feeling balanced car policy risks in do the same, such as trying to grab “conveyance” this huge market. Electric car how can usher in “bull market”? Cloud network hunting interviewed li yinan with this question.

natural advantages of electric cars, electric is calf further optimization of the key direction of

travel transport, from the bicycle and motorcycle, speed is the first principle; To the electric car, motorcycle speed priority principle was replaced by the security, at the same time, environmental protection, cost and other issues were also give attention to two or morethings arrives. So, electric cars have speed, security, environmental protection, at the same time the advantages of low energy consumption.

1. The speed. due to the new national standard is still in perfect, in accordance with the national standard provisions of 16 years ago, is no more than 40 kg weight of the car, the speed should not exceed 20 kilometers. So the mavs electric will be on the premise of the speed limit, pay attention to the user driving pleasure, provide users with better control in low-speed environment feeling, perhaps similar to tesla’s smooth speed both TuiBei feeling also perhaps, June 1, the specific drive experience to explain later.

2. Safety. speed limit has been mentioned above, it was reported that the mavs electric intelligent design, make it have the function of “the experience” shape. Security issues in addition to the driver, the vehicle condition, another is the vehicle itself, is also a part of intelligent anti-theft function, specific how to implement, and there is no clear introduction, cloud network think “yelled” hunting and positioning are indispensable, if we can push the “stolen” to the states to nearby offline store experience, maintenance services, even the mavs electric other users, “the album stolen” also is pretty good. Just this ideal too plump, ignore is for the time being.

3. Environmental protection, low consumption. this is obvious. According to introducing, cattle electrical science and technology brings a revolution of lithium electricity, higher energy density, light weight, environmental protection. In particular will lead to long range, specific parameters still have to wait until June 1.

the mavs electric development process, the reference standard is Honda BMW’s new product development process, therefore, the mavericks electric has concise halfback modelling, at the same time the use of modular design. In addition, there are simple and friendly human-computer interaction, a new control experience. Cycling route, if you have met these functions also will be reflected.

interest gathered a group of people began to build the cow

li yinan legend communications industry in China, there is no longer here. When Daniel himself, after A thorough investigation and in-depth, delineating A relatively “traditional” industry (user capacity of more than 200 million, annual sales of 30 million market, “” ban” that more and more widely is to give electric cars) provides A huge market space, plus capital chase, angel rounds with A round of total financing of $50 million, as A result, li yinan again as “giants” is possible.

strong team lineup also to be reckoned with, according to Lin hu/Token served as vice President, had earlier is Frog, Microsoft’s well-known designers; Chan kazuhiro, vice President of marketing, from millet; Cheng-dong liu/Rayman, vice President of system development, from universal electric cars; He Weihua, vice President of supply chain, from condensing technology; Joseph Nelson, chief product designers, from WILD DESIGN.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting has established haojue suzuki motorcycle factory in changzhou, jiangsu province, as well as research and development and production of electric cars. Perhaps not contract may also be li yinan refused to others and the end result is on the outskirts of changzhou self-built factories, nearly 2 square meters, covers an area of 50 mu, has 4 automatic production line, two fully automatic test line.


li yinan answer and the calf as taking concise line, electric hunting cloud network made some arrangement, as follows:

the mavs electric sales main electric business and online delivery channel, offline O2O experience store planning construction. Transportation was optimized at the same time, offer door-to-door delivery, split open a case to ride.

the mavs electric hunger marketing way, will not be adopted after the conference, June 1, will soon be able to spot supply. But li yinan admitted early may because of various aspects reason, cause capacity climbing difficulty. Don’t say so hungry hungry marketing, this is a cow electric technology powerless.

in addition, li yinan hope law to guide change 99% of the electric vehicle violation production status (see old gb still). He also admitted that the product sales no expectations, no corresponding predictions. According to hunting cloud network analysis, in accordance with article 4 production lines all cylinders, daily production capacity should be around 2000, annual production capacity should be around 700000.

in the end, hunting cloud network mention the charging standard, Beijing has been in the construction of the electric car charging pile, whether gm? Li yinan says there will be a good solution to provide the end of the year.

“cow” in what way is probably done some fuzziness metasomatism, specific “cow” to what extent, until June 1 with “cattle”. There is some doubt hunting cloud network also waiting for the answer, for example: modular design specific how to embody? Concise design will cut some details is relatively commonly used part? Maintenance is quick, simple and easy operability? Believe that these can be in June 1, the mavericks electric release to find the answer.

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