Education abroad application Monkimun why popular with investors in Asia?

cloud network hunting note: language learning application, the application of education technology startups Monkimun and adaptive language learning platform was able to stand out, probably all sources and its professional and high quality, not only the ground of learning language, will be tested on a regular basis, and made the localization process to adapt to users in different countries.

a few days ago, the United States and Spain joint mobile startups Monkimun told us that they have for the language learning and application of the company received a $1 million investment. You will probably say the United States the company’s investment mostly from silicon valley, but this time there have been some interesting Asian investors, Incuvest such as Singapore and Japan SHOzemi Innovation Ventures. Why the company attracted the attention of investors in Asia? With such a story.

Monkimun founded
Monkimun, co-founder of Cristobal Viedma has long been interested in education and in Asia, he was born in Spain, a few years ago began to video Viki a startup work in Singapore. Although Viki’s centre of gravity is not education, but see Viedma the practicability of the platform in the aspect of education. Users on Viki translation of film, video with subtitles, Viedma think it’s fantastic, because it can bring different crowd, make the different culture is the way of the communication (zhuang zai I big Chinese subtitle group). He learned five languages, see at a glance the online tools such as Viki role in language learning.

in 2013, Viki by japan-based (lotte) acquisition. Viedma back to Madrid, his sister is there to set up language learning center, Viedma helped her to set up one and a great success. Viedma faced with a question: “how to promote it?” Experience working in Viki told him: smart phones.

in January 2014, Viedma and his sister is also a co-founder, set out to develop the application form. Their goal is to let the children can enjoy in learning language. At first they don’t have too seriously, “is just a sideline,” but after a few months they have developed a few applications, things start on the right track, Viedma feel must be taken seriously, so he immediately jump on a plane to fly to Singapore, meet with investors. He soon won a round of seed investment, began to plan to establish company in Singapore. And founder of the 500 Startups Dave McClure said although the company’s biggest market is Asia, but in order to in order to gain more investment in the future, or should the company built in silicon valley. Viedma took his advice and go to America with the company’s co-founder in the summer of 500 Startups meeting activities.

adaptive language learning platform, which aspires to be a fun
In the United States, Monkimun finally set a clear goal: to make a fun, can let the children see, also can change the difficulty of the class according to the performance of adaptive mobile language learning platform. Set the goal, the company began to financing earnestly. For more attention to education institutions, and found that the Japanese SHOzemi Innovation Ventures. The venture capital firm is one of Japan’s biggest off-campus education chain ring, is looking for the right to invest education technology start-ups. Although Monkimun strictly is the company of the United States, but its various conditions meet the requirements.

Monkimun can attract investors in Asia, part of the reason is that Viedma, the ties between Asia and the other part is that its products are very popular in Asia. Company’s adaptive learning platform is not yet complete, but have introduced five application of learning English, Spanish and Chinese Viedma says Asia is a great demand for such applications. These applications are built in many Asian languages to young learners use different countries. Say Chinese learning application is built in Indonesia and Thailand, because companies know that the two countries’ people are more interested in Chinese.

the road is tortuous, the future is bright

the real challenge will be released in June, the company based on subscription content of adaptive learning platform. Although Monkimun will also continue to develop independent application, but Viedma statement this learning platform is the main business of the company. Although relying mainly on “free + value-added” mode in Asia market application and subscriptions will be very difficult, but still Viedma Monkimun with confidence that you can get success, after all the parents in the most don’t worry about spending money on their children’s education. And the model based on subscriptions can ensure that the children will not see inappropriate advertising, or a shaking hand bought thousands of dollars of things within the application.

of course, in the field of language learning applications within Monkimun thering is no lack of competitors, but Viedma think your company with the professional and high quality to stand out. Specialization from a lot of content, and those who teach only a few words or phrases of a one-time application, Monkimun platform will be in a variety of fun games and activities into a lot of courses, the children will learn in the process of the game. High quality comes from the inspection in time, Viedma said platform will test on Friday to learners, it is very important, because it is hard to predict a few big child will response to how big is a game. Viedma said: “it’s difficult to do this, but I’m glad we in the effort, that is what makes us distinguish with other companies, if not to test them, is in doing this.”

with $1 million, still have plenty of time before release, Viedma, and the company all are full of expectation for the future. Although the front is full of challenges, but early signs have shown that Monkimun focus on the direction of specialization and high quality is correct, their application has already won several awards.

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