Easy to build “car sharing”, the layout car travel the whole industrial chain

(word/qing nan)

as early as in before tonight, know that is easy to will announce major initiatives, despite merger rumors out before the conference for a few hours and is officially rumours in time, but it was not until the scene to see, the original is easy to have a greater action.

in the conference site, easy to transport the CEO eay announced that the company will jointly chery automobile, focus group, a joint venture set up new company “res-q-kit Thai line”, plan in the next two years to launch its first “Internet intelligent sharing electric cars” – by iVokaOS res-q-kit cars, which means that is easy to step in to build a car industry chain, from the integration of vehicle idle resources, self-built car rental companies to easy to the bus after the layout of the extension.

the car will be “smart, connected, sharing, pure electric” as the core. Eay revealed that the car will “not only to sell,” means that the product is not sold to users, but in the spirit of “sharing” that all user applications, such as rent.

in fact, is easy to design building cars for nearly a year, and finally to reach a cooperation with Bertrand, chery. in the new joint venture, chery mainly undertakes research and development manufacturing, auto focus is responsible for the car networking system, and is easy to complex structures, sharing platform, to build a car running at higher efficiency. According to the idea of eay, this project has been launched in 2015, plan market in 2016, 2018 annual output will reach 150000 units.

since tesla and Uber, travel around the intelligence and networking concepts such as heat, domestic companies such as baidu, millet and inspect all the eye to the field. Operating systems such as baidu and released in cars, the music is on the layout of building cars. In addition, there are rumours that Li Wanjiang in silicon valley retreat study is also in preparation for the car business.

, by contrast, easy to take the share and portable way to step in building cars industry chain, more focus on the later operation. Easy to transport eay, said res-q-kit car by iVokaOS core proposition is: the first to be Shared. “Share the spirit” is easy to transport has long been a belief, “100 million people share 10000 car” is easy to ideal, also is the building cars is the most important strategy.

view navigation in the eyes of sharing cars next week to hold what kind of new thinking pattern?

in the first place, by iVokaOS res-q-kit car is a car was born without a key, it is a Shared “born” car. And, easy to claim the car “just don’t sell. User can only rent by means of the Internet, without having to buy, so as to realize the real sharing.

second, res-q-kit automotive by iVokaOS will realize the world on the Internet all imagination. In easy to view, the future is a computer with four wheels. Domestic leading enterprise chery car companies, and car networking enterprises focus the leadership of the joint venture to participate in, to the concept of Internet car perform to the extreme.

in the end, it must, and must be a don’t come on electric cars.

according to eay, new car launch, travel will not only meet the easy to the user’s needs, will also remain open principle, will also open to other application service by the user. In the related service price, will try to be very cheap, “such as rents in 99 yuan.”

according to the current business system, easy to integration has gradually from the original evolved into car rental vehicle idle resources gradually, in the process to dabble in a car manufacturing to infiltrate the upstream, and use the Internet sharing platform to optimize the resource allocation efficiency.