Easter: read the receiving of the reward, will like lock screen let small white love-hate relationship?

(article/who 闫森)

information not afraid, afraid useless. Useless information is divided into two kinds, one is not to the right people to become useless, 2 it is to the right person and time lag. Today’s headlines always says he is content distribution engine. Personalization is read length concept is mentioned in the media. In a way of thinking, give money to the user, prompting them to open up, find a recommended to come for content, whether the content distribution of another way of thinking.

around is social marketing company, the show’s works. Most people hear the social marketing will be subjective and crooks, weibo has emerged a heap of social marketing company, five individuals with a hand on a studio. As weibo has become a big media streams, AD see benefits companies also tend to be more cautious on social marketing, all kinds of marketing company has successively weaning death.

the early show service is 500 strong, FMCG, customers all over the world show near the sanlitun office, two buildings, 200 employees, founder li told hunting cloud network, technical staff accounted for 60%. Every year our biggest investment still is a core technology, is our analysis model and social anti-cheating technology. Do not these two, we show doesn’t open new attempt of the mobile Internet. Now show service is 40% of the big customers all over the world, 60% of small and medium-sized companies, the company cash flow, income tends to be stable, and the mobile Internet heart dies, do several products in succession Mars micro – house & amp; Talk of expression, the best diet partner did not have a good direction. Try pacing is a new way of reading.

home page and the news show similar, but the content come from all over the world show some earlier signed the 400000 micro letter public, 10% of interviews, the rest of the online directly go into process. Lee told hunting cloud network, the industry is also a pyramid, excellent content out strolling down ChanFang will gradually increase again. Each article has almost “earn” share, “a bounty”, such as “commission” label, label different logic to make money.

arrange haven’t reached the personalized homepage information, the next version will add personalized reading labels. Useless information useful to people is eyeball of pollution. Sharing has certain constraints, make purpose of block share a madman let friends can’t see. But there is a close what are the details of the user to share other users click on the show is still in the public account. Don’t give a person the sense of very jump.

actually such technology business logic have to be able to try, but the most difficult is overall business closed loop and anti-cheating technology. Lee told hunting cloud network, first, the platform signing public account operators in the show in the world is to give us their money, strolling down on them is to give it to the user, strolling down which is main reading the receiving of the reward is to be paid by them. Why they give it to the user, for users to help them spread, just like WeChat group of inside hair red envelopes, this is a big WeChat Lucky Money group.

second, Easter product logical copy others don’t walk, they can not make WeChat public the number following the money and spend (fans). Second, anti-cheating technology is hard to do, we start doing this matter, technology continues to invest.

lee lemon, wandered essence is actually a low-cost display platform, the content of the user group of the elite is not tall, is white, is three or four line of the general public. Although users not tall, but walk content show few public like chicken soup in the type article, we try find fun, interesting, articles of interactive value to the user. This group of users in fact is the main mass consumption, brand identification can be guided.

although Easter business works, “content distribution engine”, the concept of “mobile content focus media” also can wear, but user base is a big problem, read the receiving of the reward mode can stimulate to small white users conveniently download, then read the receiving of the reward is also a kind of pyramid structure, 10% of people will have a constant power sharing, the remaining 90% are still insist on making Easter products logic of continue to use money.

in hunting cloud network view, actually hanging on to himself a chains, when the user base will become bigger, strolls with reading the receiving of the reward cannot continue to stimulate users, is the most sad.