E wash to help 13 million exclusive 】 【 fought O2O angel financing traditional laundry industry

(text/He Yuying)

today, e help head jian-peng li told cloud network exclusive hunting, e wash help in June 2014. 2014 yuan of angel investment, (raised, provided by e wash help jian-peng li, head of the hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement.) Is to raise A round of funding plan. e washing help is sichuan traditional laundry washing industry brand beauty day into a line of O2O products, currently in WeChat ID order as the main operating manner, is expected to launch in June 2015 the android version of the APP, online version of iOS APP in July.

with low cost and high efficiency advantage impact the Internet has long been a traditional industry, many of the old traditional industry is no longer satisfied with offline resources gradually, also began to O2O, set up their own independent online brand. E wash the help that is the product of a traditional industry transformation, belonging to sichuan beauty day washing industry co., LTD.

on December 25, 2014 e wash to help launch WeChat public account. Users through the micro letter order, e wash to help professionals from door garment through beautiful day central washing factory, clothes washing over and then get back into the hands of the user. Due to transformation is a traditional industry, is different from similar laundry products market, e wash help central has its own factory. “We do not intermediary, not logistics, our profits really comes from the laundry, so in the quality of the clothes washing for similar products are more confident.” E for washing head jian-peng li said.

jian-peng li told cloud network hunting, e help hope construction is not only a O2O mode, but an C2F mode, the user to receive the factory directly, eliminating the middle of all the steps, save costs and improve quality. This idea just happened to be the reasons for selecting the transformation of the day, although traditional laundry industry profits not low, but the entity stores pet shop is also a big cost.

wash for micro letter e platform at present service scope only in view of the user within the third ring road and high-tech zone of chengdu, every day online laundry number remain at around one thousand, total twenty thousand users. In terms of price exclusive launched 8 yuan, 18 yuan, according to the size of the clothes, the fabric pricing. Users do not need to input the price in order, the staff from door garment will be professional when pricing, to a certain extent, avoid the clothes type fuzzy price disputes.

“through the customer feedback, user quality of e for washing laundry or satisfactory, most users will be more mindful of his clothes now in where, when can send to your hand.” Jian-peng li told hunting cloud network, the team is currently set up the visual tracking system in the process of laundry, do dates back all the way, let laundry every link can be seen by the user. At the same time, the team also optimized in terms of logistics, wash cycle shorten in four days to 3 days.

most Internet does not have its own laundry laundry products factory, to a certain extent, the equivalent of a logistics company and intermediary institutions, through the low price to get traffic, user viscosity is low. “We are the traditional industries transformation, can protect themselves in the profits, but we are also trying to increase readership, through community full cooperation to save a certain amount of logistics cost, shorten the distance with the user.” Jian-peng li said. Wash, e help cooperate now and WOWO community store.

for laundry quality control problems, e wash do have their own a set of SOP. According to the types of the clothes, washing the steps, the logistics of time has strict rules, and this set of regulations is also beautiful day co., LTD. Was set up in sichuan accumulate experience in 12 years. Jian-peng li said: “to wash the clothes are standard products, washing and acceptance of the need to experience, these are the weakness of the Internet companies, and for us, is a do more than ten years.”

jian-peng li told cloud network hunting he is actually an Internet himself, to help the process of transforming traditional industries, clearly feel the difference between old and new. “The Internet will be rushing to flow, but after is the steady development of traditional industry, is not so much a traditional industry transformation, rather than in terms of the old and new industry and win-win.” Hunting cloud network thought, perhaps this is the so-called Internet +, online mutual take advantage to develop together.