E generation drive D round of $100 million, $800 million valuation

e generation driving announced today completed the D rounds of financing, the financing amount is $100 million, financing e after the completion of the generation before the company’s overall valuation of $800 million. The current investment warburg pincus investment group led by the United States, the previous round AnZhen venture investors matrix partners, the speed of light to cast, Thai joint venture the sole financial advisor for this transaction.

after the completion of the financing, e generation driving will strengthen product technologies and services. First of all, in terms of product technology, is committed to using product technology continues to improve business efficiency, such as online recruitment system, management system and the driver drivers intelligent management system, etc.; Secondly in service will improve the standardized service system as well as comprehensive customer safety guarantee system, improve the brand penetration and awareness, strengthen the user’s perception of e generation car brand.

e generation drive was founded in 2011, in March 2012 for angel investment partners China millions of dollars, millions of dollars in December A round of funding; Driving again in January 2014, e generation speed of vc, the count of China’s tens of millions of dollars to B round of investment, complete C wheel in October of the same year, among them, the 58 city invested $20 million account for 7.8% of the shares.

this financing round (D), e drive will be the following several aspects to continue generation driving business development.

the first: e generation drive will continue to strengthen the current wine offspring driving business, enhance the existing generation driving market coverage, push forward business in the national second level 3 city, years plan to expand to 200 cities across the country.

the second: e driving will develop daytime generation driving business, business actually refers to the daytime between 7 am and 6 PM based on the generation of human services, drivers and the traditional generation driving evening service time corresponding segments, can satisfy the requirements of customers a lot of extension. In such as a car wash, a generation shuttle people.

the third: e generation drive will layout the overseas market, now in the generation of driving business developed, the market is relatively mature in South Korea and quickly established a branch to carry out the business, the future will continue to expand the coverage of overseas business;

as people consumption level and enhancement of the safety consciousness, the generation of driving demand especially wine offspring driving demand will continue to increase. But it also means more competition. There are many third-party generation driving platform online.